I'm gonna need more hangers.
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i’m sick and in one of those moods where i MUST SAY SOMETHING. but i’m tired of the facebook status. it’s been reduced to terms of “like/dislike/dismiss” but rarely do i see ones that are thought provoking alone. maybe they don’t need to be. but i want them to. so. here we are.

i work 3 jobs right now and they all, in even the smallest ways, make me whole. i shopping and fashion write for a big expat magazine; i teach charming children at an academy close to home and hangouts; i edit, brace yourself, nuclear physics manuscripts. that last one makes me sound academically glamorous; it is not and neither am i.

i don’t know if that’s an excuse, but folks, there’s life beyond blogging. BELIEVE IT. i am clearly not what i blog because in it’s negligence, i have become so much more. but if anything, i’m lucky. incredibly so and oh i know it.

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materials :: wool and the gang

1 week for materials to arrive in korea (zoot suit blue, so yellow, stonewash blue, ivory white, tartan pattern). even though i got free shipping (my order was over $100), i still had to pay customs. booooo.

1 week to make. tried to savor every little stitch like a last breath.

you can buy them pre-made on the website (sale!), but why let them have all fun huh?

one of my resolutions for 2014 is to knit a sweater. ambitious? who cares.

here’s to a year of doin it. happy 2014 everyone.

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i was thinking about the next season and i realized that i dont really want to reinvent myself or do anything revolutionary; i just want to continue wearing more or less what i was wearing last season and seasons past, with a few injected adjustments.

winter is coming and this girl is wearing the leopard coat of my dreams and boots from heaven-knows-where. someone please. please.

if you haven’t noticed-and i haven’t been explicit- but i’ve been trying to exclusively post only pictures i take/are taken of me on this blog (for the record, irony of this post’s photo was noted). i know it’s kind of a pain for you as a reader, but it seems to make more sense for me to show my process through my tumblr/pinterest (peruse them as you like) and focus this blog on results and documentation for now. maybe when i’m a bit more organized, i can go back to being more integrated; i always found that more interesting anyway.

aaaaand now that i’ve said that, i can go back on my word.

shirt [thrifted DIY] :: sweater [cheap monday] :: skirt [thrifted] :: shoes [dahong]

i don’t know how to describe my style anymore, but i wouldn’t say i’m trendy. being trendy requires conscious effort to be included in fashion waxing and wanning and i’ve become far too skeptical to moon over those things. i find myself either ahead or behind and if i appear to be en pointe, it’s just a lucky guess.

i love/d everything about this outfit and that day.

shirt [samcheongdong store] :: top [asos] :: skirt [jcrew] :: shoes [ferragamo]

1) Going out alone heightens ones experience on a strange and invigorating scale. I was either body-less or on an erasing catwalk. This was good and glamourous for me.

2) I belong in a city. I don’t just mean the fantastic shopping, which there was and I paddled around that pond a bit. It simply feeds me visually. The country or the suburbs can only ease my petal-ed soul so much.

3) Being in a foreign country, I often forget I’m American, more than I’d like to admit. I’ve still got small shoulders when trying to reach out to strangers, something I have little problems with back home.

4) Staying on budget is such a great feeling. I feel like spoiling myself the way one spoils a small white dog or a baby with adoring potential.

5) Magazines make me want to buy things. Ergo I should stop buying magazines. At least this time around. Applause please!

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1) refitting the legs

2) shortening the rise

3) hemming pant legs

4) sewing a button

for hemming pants, i do what’s called a “parallel stitch.”

step 1: fold hem back, iron it down.

it makes it easier to hem.

step 2: start hemming

tie a knot at the end of the thread, but don’t make it a double thread. for hem’s, a single will do. generally, you start at one end of the hem where the pant seams start. you also want to push the needle through the seam too, to make it more secure, so i technically made a boo boo on one leg. but that doesn’t matter cause i finished it that way. :)

step 3: parallel stitching

first you go onto the pant leg itself, which i have already done, and find a single thread of fabric to poke the needle through. this is a bit tedious at first, but it gets easier as you go. this allows the hem to be virtually invisible on the other side. alternate going from the hem side to the pant side.

step 4: continue stitching and finish off with a knot

it’s pretty simple, but i’ve been doing these awhile, so let me know if you have questions.

converse platform heels [stylefromtokyo]

been staring at these for dayssss trying to deconstruct them. my best guess is that they’re regular converses molded onto a stripper platform heel that’s been reshaped. or that’s how i would do it.

more here.

shirt [j+] :: pants [gap] :: suspenders [walmart] :: bag [fiorucci] :: shoes [underground] :: rings [asos]

photos [jen jen]

fact 1: these are now the ugliest shoes i own and they make me so happy. i had been debating creepers for a long time and these smacked me in the face, as love at first sight often does. got them at the buffalo exchange in austin, which has yet to fail me.

fact 2: this is my third and final suspender configuration attempt of the day. i was finally satisfied. ish.

fact 3: i can ride our bike seamus with greater ease now that my feet touch the ground. yay!

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jacket [guess] :: shirt [ralph lauren] :: skirt [axes femme] :: shoes [melissa x vivienne westwood] :: necklaces [express, a brooch, room keys] :: earrings [street find] :: nails [revlon ‘minted’]

and so begins a series of long overdue outfit posts. you can probably string together the chronology by judging how long my hair is. which is still not long enough. *bitch bitch bitch*

i got very fond of doing the ‘hair all to one side trick.’ i alternate between braids and twists.

yes, also very much still into shit around the collar neck trend. i’ve gotten so many collared shirts for purposes of variation.