I'm gonna need more hangers.

daniel hurlin [hyeres]

i’ve officially started saving for a black leather jacket, as in made a little jar and put change in it, made its picture my wallpaper on my iphone as a reminder. this picture doesn’t really give that away, but the fact that i’m always going back to a silhouette i don’t own but adore goes to show that i really need to stay more focused and buy things i actually really want. also, this jacket is just boss.

actually i’m not really saving for it, i’m trying to get through this month and so i can buy it on my next paycheck. ah young and financially irresponsible. whoooooooo.


club kid [substitute]


stinger platform creeper [jeffrey campbell]

holy temptation batman!

also, i really like making these gifs. makes things look alive and whatnot.

nozomi ishiguro sneaker heels [drop tokyo]

yeah i still want these want these in a nasty, silly way and i don’t care much they expose gaps in my self-prided, so-called “good taste.”

note to self: make more giant tulle/tutu skirts and bleach hair already.

white portfolio clutch, floral shirtdress [asos]

god dammit asos, i told you not to tempt me with your wares. i haven’t bought a frivolous thing since coming back, its been nearly a month and gotten pretty good at saying no to nice things. but then i’m getting weird 90s hawaiian tapestry couch vibes from the shirt and suddenly, it’s calling me. i would probably art deco line the flowers with a fabric pen. portfolio’s still too expensive, but damn, that shirt is such a trap. if you see me parading around in it soon, feel free to mock me and my so-called self-control.

vintage coach, vintage ferragamo [ebay]

being in europe has stirred the bag girl in me and the visit to celine earlier today ignited something awful. i’ve been looking at vintage box bag/crossboy bags for hours now. its not use; nothing can replace that beautiful thing for now. i’m just a sucker for well made products.

developing a taste for bags is something that’s been ongoing for me chronologically, but the results are more like thoughtless trail and error. i like bags with distinctive forms and structure, thinking more constructively (hehe), and often the less frills, the better, though not necessarily minimalist. a classic bag, if you will, but that’s probably a transposition of my mother’s tastes.

i did realize that i am far more comfortable buying a used or vintage bag than i am about purchasing a brand new one. it is because buying a new one requires a certain kind of trust in one’s taste level for everyday attire, a factor which is often unpredictable for me and in terms of purses, often fairs better on impulses or gifts. my two most used bags (the panda and the red bag, which i’m sure everyone’s still in love with seeing as much as me XD) were two such acquisitions. it is probably because my friends knew me better than i did or fool’s luck that they became classic “me” pieces. buying a used bag then yields a certain kind of comfort in that i don’t have to worry about the classic factor: it’s a guarantee, as long as i choose the right brands with the right history.

even with this rationale, choosing my next bag is still a leap. choosing in general is quite a challenge. there are so many colors i like that i can’t find, shapes i’m still exploring and many in my memory bank that i can’t forget (a perfect hot pink canteen bag from furla, an impeccablely undecorated doctor bag from louis vuitton). all i can do is keep a list and learn new names. but while it’s very fun to open zippers and adjust straps, i’m still a shoe girl in the great debate. with shoes, i simply transfer my feet. with bags, i have to transfer the contents of my lifestyle.

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celine box bag [stockholmstreetstyle]

*shuckashucka* beautiful things are like cute boys in that whenever i see one, i become a squid of stupid. currently in paris and i went into the celine store today with my mother (she’s actually lookin to buy something classic). i don’t remember the bags being this expensive pre-philo. i’m pretty sure they weren’t. too bad i went completely mad for this thing in baby blue. 1,700 e’s. i don’t think my legs are even worth that much. do i even need to say it in dollars to make that sound prodigiously expensive?

you know what’s even more hilarious? i had the shop lady, who spoke chinese with me (except i’m not chinese, so i was delighted), put it on reserve for me. bahhahahahahahahuhuhuhuhu oh me.

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h&m loafers [columbinesmille, vanillascented]

omg i’m done. now someone buy me these shoes. i deserve them. i’ll pay for shipping too of course.

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lindex [afashiontale]

swedish girls get all the good stuff.

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asos maxi skirt

$45 is ok right? ahhhhh focus D. get a real job.

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frenchconnection :: topshop :: asos

but i’m having a hard time convincing myself to pay more than $20 for each. but if they sell out of the last one, i’ll never forgive myself. nuuuuuuu.