I'm gonna need more hangers.
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omh-my god, i am the WORST blogger in the history of inconsistency.

i’ve had a year of growing, searching, getting lost, moral mishaps and many other blah blah distractions, excuses rather, for my lack of committing to anything to completion. i’ve learned that for me, my actions and daily dealings are a pulse in the very beat of me. i have to do it all little by little, or it becomes fatal and i just…quit. i get lazy and my impulse for flight takes off. i’m crawling back, slowly, saying,

i’ll be better this time. please still believe it me.

usually if i go on a break, i try not to preface my returns with apologies, but i really do need to own up to what i’ve neglected. forgive me. if it happens again, you’ll know its the doe in me. wide eyes. stupid.


here’s the top 5 from 2013:

1) i fell in love. and am lucky to still be in it.

2) i almost lost a friend because of said love. also lucky to be in good grace, with her and myself.

3) i’ve moved 3 times this year, twice being within seoul.

4) i’ve fallen deeply in love with yoga; it’s a relationship that has made me stronger and happier. my breath and body have come a long way in just a year.

5) i’ve dropped out of korean lang school in favor of saving for fashion school. yes, that dream still floats, in my bed, at work, on root beer.

6) can’t help it, its been too long: i miss my family. i’m thinking this will be my last year abroad. gonna need some serious help on the employment front though…no matter! that’s what friends are for right? ;)

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천천히 [slowly]

ONLY ONE? OF YOUR HAND? yeah i’d be disappointed too, but what if i told you these korean nail stickers were like $2, lasted a week, AND glowed in the dark??? [note: use base coat and a little heat to prevent pealing]

yeah it wouldnt do it for me either. to be honest, there have been a few times where i’ve wanted to post but i couldn’t because i just didn’t have any pictures. i’ve just lost the desire to take pictures of myself. i’m far more into experiencing, living, really seeing what’s in front of me rather than looking back at the moment. not that i don’t love that, which is why i am lamenting a little. if i don’t photograph what i’m wearing, did i really wear it? i wish you could see how i’ve changed and what i’m like day-to-day. i wish i could see that too.

this is why i shouldn’t have nice things! i waste them away with neglect.

to be fair, i’ve recently come into some adult thoughts and adult concerns, nothing seriously bad, but serious nonetheless and i’ve been very busy being busy and i HATE it, but it’s necessary. the good news is that it’ll be over soon. very soon.

i can’t wait till aug 3rd. and now you know.

miliyah kato [mini magazine]

just got back from london, was only there 2 days. i know i’m spoiled and no one really cares about lonely soul (we strive towards a higher goal! anyone get that? anyone?), but traveling is really exhausting. this photo embodies so many things about me right now, even the charmless poprecito glum. i bought a shirt similar to that one online; it’ll be there when i get home. i’m starting to miss things and am feeling so stifled in my clothing and vacant without an outlet to let loose. getting really friendsick. also, london made me miss my creepers so much.

but i finally bought some things!

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Planned Parenthood: Open Letter to Congress

i’ve been following this bullshit for awhile and called the senator’s office today. it takes a bit of time, but so is getting anything done. i’m not a silent person, but my blog is generally pretty quiet on outside issues. this Planned Parenthood madness is ridiculous. it’s a reflection of the incorrigible ignorance i’m going to have to deal with in the real world and i’m not excited. please think about signing the petition, if you haven’t already. if you don’t, then at least think.

when i heard about the earthquake in japan, i thought about my host family. they live in north Kyushu so it didn’t hit them, my host mother told me. i was so relieved.

this is Aoi-chan and Ryu-chan. i have two younger brothers, but not a little sister. it’s nearly 4 am and Fukuoka is a long dream away.

”お姉ちゃん、お姉ちゃん,起きて 起きて~!”

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i’m really frustrated right now. there are a lot of unsatisfying things in my life right now and this blog has become one. maybe it’s just me.

i wanna blog more like my favorite bloggers. i feel like they blog their hearts and i can see their inner thoughts, even predict their next move. i don’t know that i’m doing that with mine. i’m too scattered, too passive at the moment. i keep things to myself too often when they should be shared.

what’s more, they inspire me because they maintain their point of view. i read a couple of blogs i hate just to see the consistency. it’s a sick reminder, but if i want to be myself, i need to be more true to that.

i think i really need to finish this take-home test soon yeah?