I'm gonna need more hangers.
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vest/dress [DIY neiman marcus] :: belt [express]

it took me 4 hours to undo the seams on the sleeves and restitch the armholes by hand. does anyone else think that’s incredibly slow? i’m annoyed at how rusty i am at this and my work near the shoulder pads isn’t perfect either.

i do like how oversized it is though and the buttons look great off-kilter. i added an extra hole in the back so i could belt it halfway. always wanted something like this, almost margiela and ann sofie back. funny ’cause i was altering this so i could resell it since the shell is a roughish wool, but i just might have to hold onto it for a little longer. its a pretty excellent summer dress.

speaking of reselling, i just listed a bunch of things on ebay if you’re interested. pardon some of my cheeky commentary and deadpan expressions. stay tuned for denim additions.

if you’d like the see the tutorial, i added it here.

converse platform heels [stylefromtokyo]

been staring at these for dayssss trying to deconstruct them. my best guess is that they’re regular converses molded onto a stripper platform heel that’s been reshaped. or that’s how i would do it.

more here.

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dress [DIY] :: shoes [ninewest] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelet [ebay] :: earrings [secondhand] :: hairband [jcrew]

photos [clnhll]

the dress i made!

it tastes just like i dreamt it would! [spongebob]

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ebay, fruits tumblr

i am so doing this.

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blazer [theory] :: dresses [ltr brands, handmade, diy mark&spencers]

i did buy one more dress today, but it’s for a friend. you know that feeling when you’ve found something perfectly suited to someone else’s body, needs, and tastes?

that my friends, is finding 5th base.

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messeca [shop nasty gal] :: alexander wang [opening ceremony] :: yohji yamamoto [ln-cc]

gonna DIY the fuck out of this.

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via [gladragsbysimone, indiecultvintage, nightcapclothing, tfs, dirtyflaws]

when i was in japan, i saw a fringe dress that i fell in love with but decided not to buy because i’m a jackass i felt like i had spent enough. this dress haunts my dreams. so now i’m making it.

it has to be several things: one fringe layer, casual like a t-shirt, twirl-worthy, white. this combats the usual boho/20s/cowboy references i’m not so keen on. a modern design.

i notice that my designs tend to be simple while my style is ornate. well not as of late, but in general.

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trench [gap] :: tee [bdg] :: jeans [bcbg] :: shoes [thrifted] :: scarf [DIY]

pom pom tutorial

the scarf, if it is one, was inspired by an insert from one of my vogue nippons. this was pretty much my spring break uniform.

i can never do the cracked-out model look. i’ve given up and have just gone for goofy.

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dress [abs, DIY]

sorry for the grainy pics = camera sucks + sucky lighting + pointless post production can’t fix it

i got this dress at Rags to Riches the other day with Gibson Girl. it was my go to thrift store in high school and is still proving to be awesome. originally, the back had a simple cris-cross lacing (see sketchbook, bottom R) but with 3 key rings and a few design attempts later, i am finally pleased with the result. i had to sew an extra loop at the bottom to tie it too, but you can’t even tell. the neckline (see top R) is simple and just asking for an edgy comeback.

i had gucci’s spring2010 collection in mind, with the intention of going full-metal circuit, but my mom convinced me to go with classy for the first wear and then experiment after wards. it sort of now reminds me of vintage versace.

please let rondolet happen so i can wow my date with this dress.

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DIY shredded jeans [gap] // shirt, belt [UO] // shoes [nine west] // necklaces [macy’s, jimmy’z, f21]

As a fashion blogger, it’s pretty obvious that I have a lot of people I “look up to” or inspire me to blog in general. One of those people is Shini of Park and Cube. She’s a graphic designer by trade and has very detailed posts, both pictorally and verbally. She inspired me to really consider and pity my readers when they view my blog. Make it look nice. Make it easy to swallow. But still make it mine. Also, she’s got a really great laid back, season-less style about her, reflecting a windblown lifestyle that flows from London back to Poland and where ever the borders of her world extend. It may seem like a glorified depiction, but I’m gushing so let me gush.

Anyways, her DIY posts (and she has many) are so nicely detailed and the photographic moments perfectly settled between airy and razor sharp. I slashed up these jeans last night thanks to her careful instruction.

There is something about destroying that is like creative. It is liberating and satisfying, not unlike birth (though I’m not really qualified say that yet as I have never been preggers). I cut myself 5 times on my left hand- should’ve worn gardening gloves-but it was worth it. The result is a beautiful cascade of denim shreds and hanging threads; it really is more delicate than it is hard rock. The look of course, demands that though. It demands the sort of trailor trash chic that seems to be popular a la K.Moss, so I sort of oblidged, but more of as a Park and Cube tribute than the later. Come to think of it, “Shini jeans” has a really charming ring to it doesn’t it? Mahaha, I’m so funny. From now on, these will be referred to as thus. Hope you don’t mind Shini!