I'm gonna need more hangers.
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nothing n nothing barber shop :: hongdae

my handsome man getting his hair did by another handsome man, in a very handsome shop. boys, you know you gotta get yourselves did here.

all thanks to Haemin for the neverending help.

also, i’ve been doing some freelance work for seoul magazine. my article on hair salons comes out in january, have a peeksie!

appointment only: 35k, ask for Daniel (110-6619-7399)

Directions: *Best/easiest way is to locate “Style Nanda” and it’s the white little building/house next door, second floor.

Bus route: take the 7011, 08, 09 buses heading to 홍대 (hongdae), get off at 산울림소극장 (sanolim theater). walk to the tom & toms and make a right. two blocks down, turn right and you’ll see the white building/house. signs on the door.

Subway: Hongdae exit 8, hang right past coco bruni, cross the big street and head towards the uni gate. Turn left, keep going till you see that tom&toms, make a right. same same. 

Hmmm…maybe i need to start making maps.

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i’ve wanted to do hair tutorials for awhile but honestly, i don’t think i have the patience or the consistency to do them well. again, sorry for the lies and broken blog promises. for my updos to be successful, i need dirty-ass hair, like 3 day old hair, a bit of wax, and muchos bobby pins/small hair ties. this particular do was constructed from two hair pony tails close to each other in the back and a small bunch of hair at the crown scooped back.

i meant to post a valentines day outfit, but the photos are on my iphone cuz i’m an apple asshole now. i’m this close to macbook pro/ipad acquisition. i’m not even sure if i’m kidding at this point. my father asked me if i wanted one for my birthday; my friends and i have been oogling the ipad for no reason.

we all want nice things. i think i’ll buy something silver in the meantime that i’ve been meaning to get. my leather jacket will indeed have to be something i save for. i also want to go to thailand. and eat.

yes, i’m aware i am wearing one of the dresses i condemned. eh, might as well, i’m cold and it’s fuzzy.

shirts [muji, e hyphen gallery] :: lingerie [risa magli] :: heattech shirt [uniqlo] :: socks [tutuamma]

i splurged on the most beautiful lingerie masquerading as ordinary underwear in Japan, among other things that are near perfection. i’ve never own anything so unapologetic-ally girlie. i’m always so much better at budgeting in a foreign country than i am with a full debit card. its annoying and a habit i need to fix. one of many things i need to fix in the new me.

these past weeks have been made of relief and pain. on one hand, i now know what feelings to follow to plan my next steps. on the other, i think i just let a soul mate walk on a plane as i held myself in my throat.

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today i learned just how asymmetrical my face is. it’s not like i have down syndrome, but i’m not perfect. whatever.

koreans love simple make up and i got into the habit of wearing some to work out of product gift guilt. as you can see, there’s a very subtle difference between my plain face (쌩얼) and my made up one. so why bother? peer pressure to be moderately pretty i guess.

nail idea i got from a japanese girl’s blog. it’s just some cut-up tinsel from my make-shift tree and a few drops of super glue. oh and a standard nude manicure and a shit ton of drying time.

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160, OR01 [maybelline, missha]

my dissatisfaction for everything around me has festered out of today’s boredom. my idle behavior is because i’ve spent too much money this month while my cousin Thumbaulina was visiting and i’ve grounded myself until next week when i leave for fukuoka again. it could’ve been helped, but i was one faux fur coat/wednesday addams dress too deep in adoration to stop myself. i ask myself a lot of question on my blog, but it often seems directionless in the end. why can’t i just say no? i keep thinking that what i want is one more buy away and i will finally be satisfied. i think i’m filling up my life with things because i’m not thinking about anything important again. i always spend money when i’m way too happy. perhaps some solitude will help me rethink my wardrobe business.

my birthday’s coming up soon. i don’t know what i want anymore. all i know is that i don’t want to be alone, but that might just happen. i should really leave the house tomorrow.

i tried the two tone lipstick thing. i quite like it. for a shiny base, just lip balm it up.

necklace [schwing schwing]

disregarding that stray strand of course, i freakin love my hair like this. if i have time, i’ll do a tutorial. it basically utilizes the same principles as my mohawking technique.

i’ve been wearing this collar for weeks without a word of it’s awesomeness. a gift from the mnmlst (because she just KNOWS me), although i’m again concerned about the quality: there’s a small knob in the back that does all the securing and if it breaks off, i’m totally fucked. and not in the way i want to be. i wonder if those ones from Nelly.com will ship to Korea…

tinkering with sally hansen nail polish strips and photoshop. the strips are a little tricky to apply but the yellow is an absolutely perfect neon and the glitter is too legit. try try try!