I'm gonna need more hangers.
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dress [saba] :: bag [riess] :: ear cuff [ebay]

this dress started a slew of grey additions to my closet. gray is the color i buy when i don’t know what to buy, so i’ll have these transitionary influxes. i just go rid of a lot of gray too back home, so i’m trying to take it slow on the buying.

i started a food/cooking tumblr for my adventures in korea. have a looksie!

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dress [secondhand]

i love cooking. i don’t know if i mention/ed it, but i do. i’ve only started pastry making in the last year and i only like making things that are seemingly complicated. creme brulee is one of them. its the torch. i showed jen jen and my brother’s friends how to fire it up this past Thanksgiving. you can only keep a boy’s attention if there’s an element of danger involved.