I'm gonna need more hangers.
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tank: Mossimo || shorts (w/ suspenders): BCBGirls || suspenders: Walmart || shoes: Puma, Nine West || military paraphrenalia: my brother’s

A little photo shoot for weardrobe’s 4th of July contest. Mostly though, I was bumming around without all the gear. The magazine (thing that holds the bullets) is for nerf bullets, so don’t flip; that’s a snowboarding helmet + goggles; and the shoulder pad…is…I don’t know to be honest. Air softing probably. Usually when I enter weardrobe contests, I’m generally very style conscious, which is dumb, but I can’t help it. So this time I’m just gonna have fun. Maybe I should do all of them like this. Dressing/gearing up like this in general is what I miss the most when summer/lack of inspiration drags around. I love piling accessories on.

BTW, I bought the shoes. Yeah, I really shouldn’t be spending money (I dropped like…more than 50% in NYC) but I can’t help it. They’re THE Melissa + Vivienne Westwood “Lady Dragon” pumps. I don’t know why they’re called that, anyone know? Anyways, I bought them from I Don’t Like Mondays, they do free shipping and returns! I feel like a dope because last week they had a 20% coupon. :( That’s ok, I just need to buy these and feel good. It was hell picking between yellow or blue though. I mean, blue has that charming red heart! But in real life, the blue is much duller…like a dolphin blue. But the red heart!

Well, if I change my mind, I can always exchange! God I’m so wishy washy, I’m making myself nauseous.

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I’m really digging Kanye West’s collab with LV.

photos from Racked: NYC

Those tassles, the thick velcro straps, the highlighting punches, damn they’re a handsome bunch. Maybe it’ll only appeal to a pretty faced sneaker collector (I’ve heard some trash talk from the Nike crowd who prefer something more legit and say these are all looks and no game), but that’s just my type of thing. They say they’ll be out “late 2009.” Well done Mr. West!

Anna Sui for Target, Sept 13-Oct 17 [NYmag]

Ok so the last one looks goofy in the waist (read: preggers), but you know you wanna try it on for the spikey collar. Or at least I am. Again (here I go using the whole “I usually don’t like blah blah but” line), not a big print person, but it’s Anna SUI so I can’t really resist. NYC regret is filling me again, tried on this GREAT black balloon-esque jacket that sort of fit like a garbage bag EXCEPT with frilly details on the trapeze sleeves and it was fabulous all over. Yeah, I should’ve dropped the $157 on that one right? Right.

Anyways, back to this collection. It’s a bit off on some…like the super 70’s inspired bit and whatnot…but it’s Anna’s style (the print, the hippie, the…60s/70s woodstock vibe) so it’s true to that, if not to Gossip Girl. Blairs dresses were nice and prim though, spot on! Serena…not so much, could you really see her in this?

Yeah…no. It’s got “FOB” written all over it in Mao colors. But it is cute though. Yes, it goes in the try on pile at least.

But GUYS: the white dress the white dress the white dress. It’s all about that white dress and if the thing fits, you bet I’ll be dishing out full price/fighting some hipster girl for the xsmall/small.

My dad goes to a lot of Comp Sci conventions and he often brings back goodies. This was a Microsoft promotional puzzle, but I saw instant necklace potential in the poly methyl methacrylate (mahahha nerd speak). However, you can’t just glue the little beasties together; you have to do some plastic welding. Here’s a vid that explains it all and more.

I ordered some acrylic cement from Rideout Plastics, which had the cheapest shipping ($7.95) I could find for the product and a brush. I can see why it’s so much though, they do take very good care of the chemicals.

Shipping took forever (more like a week) but it was worth it. The stuff gets pretty messy and dries SUPER fast. Like the vid said, it only sticks to plastics, though contact with clothing is annoying (I wore my lab coat, teehee). I goofed a bit from from the messiness, but it’s hardly noticable when worn.

necklace: DIY || dress: H&M || blouse (worn as vest): Ann Taylor || belt: Ellen Tracy || socks: borrowed || shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

For now, I’ve tied a cord around the top hooks cause I couldn’t wait to wear it, it’s so boss. I still need to drill holes for a chain/ribbon, then it will be complete!

Lately I’ve been an internet troll and combing around looking at online/free magazines. Here are three that have piqued my interest.

1. I <3 Fake is a fairly decent zine, thought it tends to be excruciatingly pretentious, as most youth-based zines tend to be. The artsy fartsy photography is pretty great at some points, but in excess, it just looks like a lot of teen smut. Nipples does not make masterpieces. I do love the energy though and any kind of injection I can get, I’ll take. Each issue has a neat theme that they follow to the T and I’m a sucker for themes. Parties…editorials…the whole 9 yards.

2. Prim,  I love Prim. Kristin, editor-of-wonder, totally pushed her zine to evolution from tadpole DIY to public contender. I can’t wait to see what she makes of it in the future. She’s inspired me to get my butt moving on my own projects. There are fashion spreads GALORE in here, though still very haphazard, as if the young crew was so excited and full of ideas, that they just fabricated them all without filtering first. Keep up the great work Prim, don’t ever be proper.

3. Clear’s fashion spreads are the most pro out of these, but only in styling (the others start to look like the same disaffected, half-naked waifs). Picture wise, they prefer a crisp, clear take, much like those of their contemporaries. Prim and I <3 Fake go back and forth between that style and the softer, fairy tale-esque blur, so looking at Clear is a nice break from the other two. Also, their covers always have an evolution of the final, from model shoot, to intermediate anaphase, to what you see here. It’s pretty clever. The other articles I’m not too keen on, they stick to the same collage work, which seems amateurish, despite the “clearly” adult text.

These are all bimonthly, digitized zines that are totally in the ZONE. I want to be apart of that. I can’t wait till July 7th, when I finally get to talk to the Dean about issuing my zine on campus. For now, I’m just writing down every idea that pops into my head.

Alexandra Groover, Fashion156

Love her hoodie + dress, all from her own label. Her clothes are beautiful…Buy them here, I would if I wasn’t such a pauper. I wonder if she can make her dress in white…

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Storets “Marine” Jumpsuits, [$53]

I’m not usually a fan (ie. I point and laugh) and Wei-chuan would probably kill me for saying this, but I really like this romper. Like REALLY, as in I can see myself prancing around to the grocery store in it with my sneaks on. It would even look amazing with some kitten heels. Sigh, I’m in trouble.

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Dress: UO || Shoes: bought in Japan

Today was a doctor’s appt. and I got some lab work done on me. Unfortunately, the lady messed up sticking needles in my arm, so now I have two junkie marks on my elbow pits. Boo!

I always wear this dress when I can’t think of anything else to wear and I want to be stylish. The sheerness of it makes it a great summery piece too. I’m just sort of getting sick of wearing it is all.

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Dress: A|X || Shoes: Calvin Klein || Belt: F21 || Bag: thrifted

Tonight I went on a double date with Teeners and her boyfriend Edo (not real names of course but my twisted, cutesy aliases for them)! You know when you see a couple that is being so cute, you have to look away because you feel like you’re spying on a private moment but you want to keep looking because it’s so adorably mezmerising? That’s Teeners and Edo.

WHY WHY WHY is so absurdly hot? I had plans to wear pants but opened the door and God breathed on my face and I was like “Ok ok I’ll go back and change, jeez!” I’m running out of dresses/skirt combos and layering is not an option. How do you deal with hot weather dressing?

jacket: Ralph Lauren || shirt: Elementz || pants: INC || shoes: Steve Madden || socks: got in JPN || headband: F21

This entire outfits, minus the headband and the socks, is new duds (on sale of course). Sales at Macy’s are always awesome: 50% off + another 50% on top of that! That’s how my mom and I roll.

These pants are the perfect pair of black pants that I’ve been searching for! Just when I least expected it…oh glorious, glorious day. The shirt was just a random pick off the rack to try on with the pants, but I’m a sucker for ruffles.

I remember wanting a band jacket in high school really badly, especially when it was popular in editorials…I wanna say…circa 2005? 2004 even? I remember coveting a  jacket (I think it was Marc Jacobs) that I saw on Hilary Swank: perfectly cuffed sleeves, gold braided details, brass and buttons, the works but not overworked. Like most trends, you forget about them eventually and they become a fad of that season and that season only. But I realized that maybe it’s not really a fad with me but a long lost love. I really love this jacket is what I’m trying to say,  though considering some tailoring on the sides to make it more fitted, but it’s somewhat decent without it. I fidget about these things.

And aren’t these shoes wonderful? The socks soften them, but they do look a bit on the fetish side. They may never live up to the aforementioned Phi resort 09 shoes or let alone John Gallianos SS09, but they’ll certainly do. For $24, hell yeah they’ll do.

Oh and that’s the end of the post series. Whew! Lots of catching up to do still, on the inspirational front. I’ve gotten…5 new pairs of shoes…sigh. Just can’t help myself.