I'm gonna need more hangers.
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shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

After a bit of a mishap with my first pair being malformed, these finally returned to me. And they’re perfect. My feet were speechless too. I wore them out to UO to check out the sale yesterday and got compliments right off the bat. I told all who would listen about IDLM. Speaking of speechless and what not, Colin of I don’t like Mondays is an absolute sweetheart and gave me an extra discount, which I will be using probably to buy the blue ones.

K-drama and I are having a summer of shoes. He’s binging more than I am, I’m not helping and encouraging, but at least he’s making money. I am not (besides selling my old clothes on eBay, but that’s chump change). I want to stop buying pretty shoes but…I promise PROMISE after these I will stop. Yes. And save up for a pair of boots come fall.

I apologize for not posting lately. I’m just not feeling it. Too tired from tennis, ebay, internship…real life.

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Dr. Martens “Darcie” Boots, Opening Ceremony [$200]

Sigh, I love you, but I’m not ready for such a high stakes commitment. Or am I? I’m just a bit poor now, since my Lady Dragon binge, but I’ll be back for you ok? Or maybe we’ll meet someplace just a teensy bit cheaper?

I’m hunting for boots of course. Ever since I put my Nine West’s back on that and longingly staring at other boot footed bloggers, I’m sort of questioning why I don’t own more boots myself. That’s going to change. Muwahhaha. Right now patent docs, like these, totally light my fire, as well bondagey ones with loads of buckles. Of course, every girl and their mother want pretty woman thigh highs.

Topshop “Britany” boots [$250]

I opt for not shiny because they’re hookerish as it is. The blue is quite fetching no? I’m only hesitating because I don’t know what thigh highs would do to my legs. Being short makes you paranoid. Plus, I’ve tried on Topshop shoes and they’re annoyingly stiff/painful, which is probably what the return process is like.

Chloe Sevigney for Opening Ceremony, FW09 [$625]

Ok so these are gorgeous (I prefer the non-suede ones) and all, but they’re stupid expensive. $625? Really? Who do you think you are Chloe Sev? That’s more than the Phi shoes of my haunted past. That’s borderline Louboutin territory. You ain’t that good lady. Besides, why pay that much, when I could easily get….

Jeffrey Campbell “Potion” Gladiator Platforms, Intermix [$180]

9 buckles, check. Wedge heel, check. 28.8% of the ridiculous price tag, check check check. Granted, there’s aren’t the fancy buckles but are they really worth the extra $445? Yeah you sit on that.

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tank: Gap || hoodie: F21 || skirt: American Eagle || boots: Nine West || bracelets: Jewelry Cafe, F21, the Galleria

Went to the post office to ship off some shoes I sold and exchange some that I bought. I want them to be perfect when I debute them. Perfect. Though I do have photos of me trying them on. Sigh.

So I know it’s summer and it’s not really black boot season, but screw that because I couldn’t leave these babies alone in my closet to rot. Also, I’m probably being brainwashed by Luxirare and her gloriously high-end goth ways.

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shirt: 6 degrees || lace cami: UO || skirt: Tommy Hilfiger || shoes: Calvin Klein || necklace: thrifted

I’m sort of delighted/disgusted how this outfit remind me of Prada. And are you sick of me carrying the same panda bag yet? Well too bad, I’m not much of a bag lady and this one makes all of my outfits instantly more playful, which is just my kind of style.

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Custom Trenchcoat, Bitching & Junkfood

Yees, you would be sold out wouldn’t you?

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tights, beraroque, $50

WHYYYYY are these $50? Why?

dress: H&M || shoes: Nike || bracelets: various places

Yes, this summer is really all about sneakers. K-drama’s hooked, it’s rubbing off on me, I’m acting on a once dormant fascination and it is probably going to be VERY BAD for my checking account. Anyways, I wore these yesterday and I can’t get these puppies off my feet.

Tried piling on bracelets again, only 3 tiers this time. Back in the day, it was at least 5 layers of bracelets. I was aiming for close to the elbows. It works better in the winter, but I forgot how powerful it felt to have gauntlets on.

I was a bit inspired to wear this dress with the sneaks by JCDC:

photos from tfs

Or maybe just Tao Okamoto. Yeah probably XD. Regardless, it was one of the only graphic/print-y dresses I own. Also, trying to find socks I own without holes in the heels is a no-go. Boo -_- What else looks good with trainers besides pants? Invesitigation continues…

This was the former name of my blog, so naturally I have a soft spot for it. It reflects my obsessive affinity for white, poof infused-tulle skirts. I want a closet full of ‘em.

photos from tfs, wwd, nymag, paper mag

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shirt, sunglasses: UO || dress: Wet Seal || skirt: thrifted || socks, bag: gifts || sneakers: Nike

Pictures that K-drama takes of me always make me look super short when I’m standing. :( Why is he so tall?

photos from style.com

I’m crazy for the princess coats, son. How does he always manage to find that perfect shade of baby pink? That’s the color I want my future 1958 Convertible Corvette to be. Overall, this resort collection is very muted and more pretty than daringly Deacon. But I’m cool with that. Pretty is the new ugly anyways.

Speaking of ugly, Pixie Geldorf’s face really annoys me here for some reason. It looks super squaty with that wig, which is unfortunate because I don’t mind her normally.