I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [f21] // shirt [thrifted] // jeans [clef del sol] // shoes [gianni bini]

I finally have a faux leather moto jacket. It found me actually. I was at F21 downtown with Sapo-chan last Friday and just when I thought I’d only be walking away with accessories…it winked at me from atop it’s hanger. I couldn’t believe my luck. You did good Forever 21, you did good.

Saturday was an epic thrifting morning with Gibson girl, totally worth the drive to the less frequented Value Village. I came away with so many beautiful fun things, most sprinkled with sparkling things, like the top above. I actually wore this outfit during the day on Saturday, sequins shine like non other in the daylight. I don’t use this word very often because I feel I often don’t qualify (one must be somewhat refined), but I felt seriously glamourous in this top. As the hot pink days of yester-semester fade into fall, a new era has dawned on my closet-dom: the Gilted age. Despite things going awry, everything’s still shiny.

I should really photograph things more religiously. Last weeks outfits totally went mortalized. This week is getting like that too. I’m just really shy about other ppl watching me do my thing. I’m fine strutting around, but when I’m freezing, its like I’m mega self concious. Granted, I’m sure it’s safe for ppl to assume that I’m a rather narcississtic creature. See I am, but I feel like that is a product of my high self esteem. However, if ppl see me photographing myself, they might get the wrong idea. I’d want to tell them that it’s for my style blog and it’s like people who video tape themselves dancing: it’s documenting my progress and striving for better.