I'm gonna need more hangers.

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my wonderful friend davers humored me by taking the pictures. i don’t usually like doctoring up photos, but since it was halloween and my outfit was mostly black, it seemed more than appropriate. to be perfectly honest, i’ve wanted to dress up like this for a long time. i’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment. i’ve always wanted to be goth for a day.

black lipstick (though i have none so i substituted with eyeliner) is surprisingly addicting. i think for once, i understand why goth kids like being shrouded in a cloak of darkness. it feels marvelously powerful.

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that day was when i got asked out on a date. yeah, i was a little excited, what can i say?

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For the majority of my fall wardrobe, I couldn’t stop wearing this jacket, gold jewelry, and grey dresses. Something about simple, pullover grey dresses that keeps me coming back for more. I’m really attracted to the long T-shirt feel; it makes for easy study-mode transitions. Look back on this outfit now, it looks a bit model-off-duty, which bothers me since I like to think I’m more ornate than that. Practicality slowly seeps in as the semester progresses I suppose.

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dress [anthropologie] // shoes [jeffrey campbell] // jewelry [thrifted]

If I haven’t already told you about that incident, it goes like this. I was going to Baylor for an experiment, wearing this dress, when a very VERY sketchtastic older man, age est. 40ish, who was next to me on the crosswalk, approached me. He said he was Spanish and a hotel manager of sorts and on his way to a meeting, all of which I did not give two shits about but he insisted on talking to me and asking me about my life. I was baffled because I feel like I look very young and this whole situation was entirely inappropriate but I guess he was totally fine with making women feel incredibly uncomfortable. Did I mention he has balding and gross? Then he told me he liked my dress and CARESSED MY SHOULDER AND I WANTED TO FUCKING PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE. OMG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought he would get the hint at how much I did NOT want to be around him by how fast I was walking, but the man could not take a hint, the persistent fuck. He then asked if I wanted to meet up later. Um. No. I’ve never felt so grossed out by a stranger before, not recently to my memory anyway.

ANYWAY, that’s what happened and I am never wearing nice things to venture into the medical center again. Or at least have been turned off for awhile. Ugh.

Note gentlemen, don’t EVER make a girl feel this way. It is irreversible.