I'm gonna need more hangers.
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trench [gap] :: tee [bdg] :: jeans [bcbg] :: shoes [thrifted] :: scarf [DIY]

pom pom tutorial

the scarf, if it is one, was inspired by an insert from one of my vogue nippons. this was pretty much my spring break uniform.

i can never do the cracked-out model look. i’ve given up and have just gone for goofy.

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dress [abs, DIY]

sorry for the grainy pics = camera sucks + sucky lighting + pointless post production can’t fix it

i got this dress at Rags to Riches the other day with Gibson Girl. it was my go to thrift store in high school and is still proving to be awesome. originally, the back had a simple cris-cross lacing (see sketchbook, bottom R) but with 3 key rings and a few design attempts later, i am finally pleased with the result. i had to sew an extra loop at the bottom to tie it too, but you can’t even tell. the neckline (see top R) is simple and just asking for an edgy comeback.

i had gucci’s spring2010 collection in mind, with the intention of going full-metal circuit, but my mom convinced me to go with classy for the first wear and then experiment after wards. it sort of now reminds me of vintage versace.

please let rondolet happen so i can wow my date with this dress.

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tush #1 2010, elle poland jan 2010 [fashionising]

aren’t those wolford tights fantastic?

i’m not sure why, but lately i’ve been particularly drawn to vintage lingerie, the rose pinks, the swedish polka dots, the high waisted hot pants/panties. something is just so sweetly sexy about that makes me want more. i recently bought a few high waisted panties at the Victoria’s Secret outlet that i’ll have to show you, and more.

it sort of ties into my mood as well i suppose. my post break-up sartorial choices are always the same: showing lots of leg. it’s not at all randy or remotely sex driven, on my part. it’s simply a matter of flaunting what he can’t have anymore and probably never will. it’s part passive aggressive revenge, part cheeky self expression.