I'm gonna need more hangers.
category: Designers/Collections

limedrop aw 2010 [fashionising]

the last one is so wearable magritte. it’s the clouds that get me. as for the individual pieces, it’s the sleeves and the shirts. i love it how he can wear hers and she can wear his and everyone can be happy living in each other’s skins.

vogue korea may 2010 [tfs]

disregarding the ubiquitous ‘stylish migraine’ pose, the energy is incredible. it makes me believe in the neo-tribal thing that editors have been trying to convince me to buy into for years and spanks me in the eye for not mixing prints in so long. or dressing up for that matter. i have some things i need to sort out, but i’ll be posting again soon.

oh! i got a nikon d5000 today. so you bet your ass i’ll be keeping my promises this time.