I'm gonna need more hangers.
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nicole de carle 2010 lookbook [fashionising]

and on that wishlist it shall remain.

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marie claire korea june 2010 :: fashionising :: fiasco oct 2010

i’ve been craving more sophistication, more surgical precision in the way i dress lately. a crisp pair of pants, a slightly tucked in shirt, clean lines, a smart and beautifully structured bag. an intellectual or polished look. like i’m going places, or running the show. when i described this feeling to a friend, they commented on perhaps my need to feel in control. that’s what tucking in your shirt does.

of course, then i often spoil the look with my poser spikes and studs. i’ve come to terms with the fact that i’m not exactly a hardcore person by the conventional definition of the music scene from which these trends were popularized, but i can still kick ass. i’m just going to have a hard time justifying stud wearing when i’m older. no, fuck , i’m just gonna wear them till they make me sick.

i think that’s how my clothing style has evolved; i choose to indulge in trends and things that make make my magpie-raccoon eyes sparkle. some things stay and become part of my daily wear DNA, others fade into obscurity and those are clearly trends. in retrospect, it’s an expensive and time consuming trial and error process, but at least i’m having fun.

in other news, i really hate boys and i’m tired of waiting. so i’ve asked one out, been on a date with another, and now looking forward to yet another date filled friday. frankly, i don’t have time for those who are too stupid to notice, because obviously, there are plenty who enjoy my company.