I'm gonna need more hangers.
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eyeliner parrot bay [nars]

ah the perfect minted aqua, in an even better form than the shadow i saw for the limited ed. lady gaga collection at MAC a few months back. it is also the most expensive liner i’ve ever bought and didn’t even bother to check the price tag beforehand. mine mine mine!

i was just about to mourn over letting such a great shade go, about to give up on my search for a replacement (that’s what i get for wavering), but a very wonderful sales girl at sephora made me believe in patience and never letting go again. ah relentless consumerism, you vindicate me.

shirt [ehka sopo] :: skirt [f21] :: belt [thrifted] :: shoes, pearls [gifted] :: neckpiece [DIY]

i made this necklace awhile ago; i can’t be fucked to go find the link to my DIY page. (ed: here, you lazy bitch) the clasp is broken in the back so i just used a safety pin. the shoes…i wouldn’t normally buy this kind of sandal, probably because it’s a kitten heel. it’s a gift from a friend i met in Japan, who lives in Nanjing, China. whenever i wear them, i feel like i’m with her, just borrowing her shoes and i’d just give them back tomorrow. i miss her.

it wasn’t until after i put this on that i realized it reminded me of THAT Marc Jacobs SS 2009 show. i’m missing the obi. meh, it’s not like i was trying to recreate the look; it just happened to be this way. i tried on my little hat, but it felt too costume-y. looking back, was it really too much? or do i just need to wear a different hat?

images via google, style.com

also, without realizing it, we tried to recreate this scene, where i’m standing on a chair. genius is connected in that way; some themes are meant to thread people, not ideas.

photos: miel

tao okamoto via picked pics [ginza, oct 2010] :: chanel iman via fashiongonerogue [allure, sept 2010]

GAH MAKES ME WANNA CUT MY HAIR SO BADLY!!! i had a bowl cut as a kid; tao’s Vidal Sassoon 5 point tribute is killing me. no no no no…i must be patient.

also, chanel’s dries van noten pants are so awesome. overly hyped brands can be just that, BUT there is a reason for the ooes and aws. in fact, that entire last outfit is my kind of minimalism, if i have such a thing. the plays on texture, the slim fit, the bondage element. again though, i need some jewelry. I NEED IT.

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shirt [closet] :: dress [asos] :: shoes [underground] :: bracelets [misc] ::  earring [japan] :: lipstick [rimmel ‘screamer’]

yohji yamamoto [spring 2009,2008]

so after all that talk of wanting to look more put together and what not, i wear this instead. i’m so consistently inconsistent. i blame my new asos dress; it’s impossible to want to take it off. there’s a thigh high slit on the side not pictured and an exposed back that makes it less marmy. for the record, i have been taking outfit photos; they’re just on miel’s camera.

i think had these yohji collections in the back of my head when i put this outfit together. white, black, loose classic Japanese silhouette. in retrospect, my shirt doesn’t fit his definition of tailoring; it’s just sporadic, messy drapery that i think looks cool but is rather thoughtless. this is a shirt that can be worn “7” ways; i’ve been trying to find more. its a treasure from japan. also, i have a hard time being minimal with accessories. as in, i can’t omit them.

i like red lipstick. i like lipstick a lot actually. i like it to look like its bleeding though, like a stain.