I'm gonna need more hangers.

via [thriftwares]

damn, everything soft, drapey and pretty that i’m feelin right now, though i actually bought a shirt more like the 3rd piece. it’s coming in next week. eee!

this is jen jen, my roommate. she takes pics of me sometimes. i loved all the bangles she wore today! isn’t she lovely? modeling is totally serious business for her. obviously.

sweater, earrings [secondhand] :: shirt [bdg] :: pants [cooperative] :: shoes [lea foscati]

photos [riggallus]

i also changed outfits 3 times on friday: one for class, one for shopping, one for night time show going. i’m not sure why; sometimes i just have that urge.

cape [sena parma] :: blouse [tahari] :: pants [trick girl] :: boots [underground] :: jewelry [from Miel, uo, misc]

i wanted to do several things with this outfit: wear a new Indian necklace from Miel, these boots with these pants, and this cape/cardigan/shrug thing i dont wear very often. i’m not sure why. i think it’s cuz it’s a summer piece. it and the pants (which has sick pockets) are from japan.

something wasn’t right though and its my hair. it’s not neat enough. too many flyaways. since i’m wearing flats, i need more pulled together bits.

shirt [j+] :: pants [sonia by sonia rykiel] :: shoes [calvin klein]

photos [riggallus]

finally got this right. so many things i love about this, despite limited accessories: hakama referential, yohji shaped, structure, comfort, white shirt. i could definitely get addicted to this kind of restraint. it’s interesting.

but i think it’s mostly cuz i finally figured out how to do my hair like this.

yohji yamamoto y’s

someone please tell me the source. please. i want more. MOAR.

sweater [silence&noise] :: pants [inc] :: boots [secondhand] :: hat [f21] :: glasses [uo]

i wanted to feel like this looks:

via [la garconne]

but it just didn’t work out that way. i couldn’t figure out why. i was just looking for a way to wear my cowboy boots inconspicuously. i’m not a minimalist, so this was new territory for me.

sweaters [ralph lauren, h&m] :: dress, earrings [asos] :: shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: purse [?]

photos: [jen jen]

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