I'm gonna need more hangers.
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sweater [mom] :: scarf [frenchconnection] :: pants, cardigan (scarf) [h&m] :: glasses [uo] :: hairband [jcrew] :: shoes [ninewest]

photos: [jen jen]

i usually wear all pink on my birthday, but i’m feeling sick so i thought this would help.

a girl walked by me and said rather big-eyed “piiiink…” i was so delighted.

whowhatwear [pink about it] via Miel

holy shit fuck, that polka dot dress. its even has scalloped edges! *wheezes* I WILL HAVE YOU.

polka dots are my favorite print. it’s so god damn hard to find not trashy pieces that use it.

oh GOD and those shoes. those Barbie pin-up lovelies. “climb into my mouth now child.”

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shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: patrick star [ep. 52]

photos [Miel/me]

thank you jackie and killerspin! they were a wonderful birthday gift.

god i had such a crazy shoe boner yesterday just looking at them. riggalus said they look like i’m curb stomping zebras. fuck yeah.

jacket [uo] :: cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [jcrew] :: necklace, barrettes [f21] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: skirt, stole, bow tie [?]

photos: Miel

proof! i loved this outfit today, i felt so in my element. girlish and the slightest wannabe dandy. though i had a serious case of hag-girl hair earlier.

i submitted this outfit to teenvogue’s snapshot blog. maybe they’ll like it as much as i do.

[?] :: diy shorts :: vogue turkey [feb 2011] :: paper mag

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i actually don’t care for the suit at all, but the edges got me thinking again.

scarf [ralph lauren] :: sweater [bcbg] :: shirt [elementz] :: skirt [f21] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [?]

ew ew ew ew ew. never again. i love head scarves on other girls though. i just look so dumb in this. boho don’t work for me, no no.

it sort of looks like i’ve just been wearing b/w/g but that is so not the case. i wear color way more often than this anachromatic scheme; i just dont have any proof.

AUGH. pics or it didn’t happen, deanne, pics or it didn’t happen. remember that.

dries van noten [fw2011]

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god dammit.

marie claire us [june 2010]

via tfs

i haven’t done this in awhile.

zara [ss2011]

FAWK. my colorrrrrrr