I'm gonna need more hangers.

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i’ve worn this dress on three occasions already, all very similarly. the jacket for two of them. sometimes it takes repeated subsequent attempts in order to marginally get somewhere. or just find good attempts.

i’m back to being a girl for the day. this outfit is reactionary to yesterday’s “japanese bubble punk” (Riggallus’s words). the punk bleeds into the bracelets not really shown. i wanted to clarify that i didn’t see yesterday as a failure in terms of execution per se; i’m just humbled by my miscalculated references. if i’m going to teach about picking up on schemas and the like, i should hold myself to the same standards. no, even higher. but what if what i think is a scaffold is actually a noose?

it’s hard to be kind to yourself.

balenciaga fw2007

The Prof told me in class today that my look was Balenciaga. he couldn’t have been more right and i wrong. i think i’m still scratching my head at the fact that i didn’t see it as a reference point before. all the elements are there. the military pinched waist, the fur collar, the jodhphur-esque pants. was this piece of inspiration sitting on the back burners this whole time? wow. mind jacked.

jacket [ann taylor loft] :: polo [graniph] :: pants [trick girl] :: belt [uo] :: tie [f21] :: earring [unknown] :: shoes [underground]

photos [riggallus]

so my attempts to be british punk => japanese interpretation actually turned out to look uncannily like balenciaga fw2007, which is more high fashion than i had intended. go figure. well so much for that.

also, i couldn’t decide what to do in terms of make-up (eyes or lips) so i did eyebrows. hahaaa, never done that before. it helps the boy poses.have you noticed that it’s so much easier to pose like a boy? you just kind of pretend like your upper body is a triangle, your dick is skilled and you don’t talk very much.

vogue turkey nov 2010

i love make up like this. completely fake looking and glamourous, and yet, natural beauty still prevails.

no discount :: exit magazine fw2010 :: vogue spain feb 2011

i think i’m trying to rebel against myself again. the restrictions i’ve given myself as of late–the minimalism, the attempted effortlessness– are making me nauseous. i must admit it’s heavily influenced by the recent crop of blogs i’ve been addicted to, which was also a reaction to my boredom with opulence. it’s circuitous and i suppose my only sense of direction is led by my unwillingness to be bored in my own body.

i want to wear something distasteful today. but controlled. haha, i always want to have control. oops was that reading too much into my personality? nice to meet you too.

harper’s bazaar april 2011

i’m wondering if my blog is becoming design oriented vs. style fueled. it’s hard to tell these days, especially when all i have designing on my mind. it’s a complicated thing and i am seriously considering it. seriously.

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shirt [solemio] :: tank [silence&noise] :: shorts [rocketdog] :: shoes [emma cook x topshop]

safety pins are so great. i should really apply my inspirations more. even when i come up short, it’s always rewarding.

y3 spring 2011

which is usually my creedo, but i’ve been pretty much wearing them all the time now because i’ve tired myself out on girlie overload. these boyish cuts make me so happy.

the first look => all white = perfect.

helmet magazine [fashionisto]

if he had some softer looking shoes, this would be a great Migo look, pre-haircut.

i’m considering starting a boys fashion blog. i’ve been posting so frequently now, so it might be a good idea in order to keep things less cluttered on this blog. it’d probably be a tumblr though.

friend of mine polka dot shirt [yen magazine, helmet]

god i can’t take it for much longer; seeing the same shirt twice is a sign. forget the long gown; i’m making one of these. there’s just something delightfully diseased about polka dots.