I'm gonna need more hangers.

zhang ziyi at ferragamo backstage

eh to those sequins or whatever, but the rest is great. and HER HAIR. ahhh

pierre hardy x gap ss2011

so ladylike and perfect. i’ve seen other pics where the heel is higher and that turns me into pavlov’s dog, a salivating fool on cue.

trench [alexander wang x gap] :: shirt [jcrew] :: pants [j+] :: belt [zara] :: socks, bracelet [unkown] :: shoes [lea foscati]

i was thinking how perfect it would’ve been to have a men’s watch for that masculine tough, but the bracelet turned out fine.

i felt really comfortable in this; it’s nice to have a uniform, but maybe i was too comfortable. i kinda like it when i feel a little bit scared going out, in a sick silly way. so maybe i don’t wanna dress like this anymore for awhile.

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blazer [theory] :: dresses [ltr brands, handmade, diy mark&spencers]

i did buy one more dress today, but it’s for a friend. you know that feeling when you’ve found something perfectly suited to someone else’s body, needs, and tastes?

that my friends, is finding 5th base.


jacket [secondhand] :: shirt [american apparel] :: jeans [zara] :: boots [drmartens]

my Migo and his new jacket. that song was playing when we found it.

jean paul gaultier pre-fall 2011 [tfs]

gimme. also, her hair is boss.

next project: full length gown…that i’ll wear nowhere but who cares.

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shirt [j+] :: skirt [secondhand silk shirt] :: hat [f21]

the slit cuts into my thigh, suggestively opening it up a bit more, and i love it.

i wore creepers at night and changed to my small clip on hat cause Migo stole my bowler for his look. he looked super cute; i wish i got a picture.

i get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. 4 of them. i’m a little nervous. i fear for my mouth.

asos portfolio clutch [parkandcube]

awww Shiniiii~ rockin the portfolio i’ve had my eye on, although i was thinking the bright red. yellow nails are great too. damn girl.

michael kors aw2011 [jak&jil] :: unknown [shinyplastichag]

do want. wouldn’t that be killer with…everything?

cheap monday ss2011 lookbook

where are they selling these? WHERE? because i’m pretty sure i’d get the thigh highs. pretty sure.