I'm gonna need more hangers.

vintage coach, vintage ferragamo [ebay]

being in europe has stirred the bag girl in me and the visit to celine earlier today ignited something awful. i’ve been looking at vintage box bag/crossboy bags for hours now. its not use; nothing can replace that beautiful thing for now. i’m just a sucker for well made products.

developing a taste for bags is something that’s been ongoing for me chronologically, but the results are more like thoughtless trail and error. i like bags with distinctive forms and structure, thinking more constructively (hehe), and often the less frills, the better, though not necessarily minimalist. a classic bag, if you will, but that’s probably a transposition of my mother’s tastes.

i did realize that i am far more comfortable buying a used or vintage bag than i am about purchasing a brand new one. it is because buying a new one requires a certain kind of trust in one’s taste level for everyday attire, a factor which is often unpredictable for me and in terms of purses, often fairs better on impulses or gifts. my two most used bags (the panda and the red bag, which i’m sure everyone’s still in love with seeing as much as me XD) were two such acquisitions. it is probably because my friends knew me better than i did or fool’s luck that they became classic “me” pieces. buying a used bag then yields a certain kind of comfort in that i don’t have to worry about the classic factor: it’s a guarantee, as long as i choose the right brands with the right history.

even with this rationale, choosing my next bag is still a leap. choosing in general is quite a challenge. there are so many colors i like that i can’t find, shapes i’m still exploring and many in my memory bank that i can’t forget (a perfect hot pink canteen bag from furla, an impeccablely undecorated doctor bag from louis vuitton). all i can do is keep a list and learn new names. but while it’s very fun to open zippers and adjust straps, i’m still a shoe girl in the great debate. with shoes, i simply transfer my feet. with bags, i have to transfer the contents of my lifestyle.

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celine box bag [stockholmstreetstyle]

*shuckashucka* beautiful things are like cute boys in that whenever i see one, i become a squid of stupid. currently in paris and i went into the celine store today with my mother (she’s actually lookin to buy something classic). i don’t remember the bags being this expensive pre-philo. i’m pretty sure they weren’t. too bad i went completely mad for this thing in baby blue. 1,700 e’s. i don’t think my legs are even worth that much. do i even need to say it in dollars to make that sound prodigiously expensive?

you know what’s even more hilarious? i had the shop lady, who spoke chinese with me (except i’m not chinese, so i was delighted), put it on reserve for me. bahhahahahahahahuhuhuhuhu oh me.

shirt [bdg] :: pants [inc] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: cuffs, worn as anklets [monki] :: hat [f21]

my dad has some really cool friends. we stayed in their house in brussels. this is their backyard. they also have a swimming pool inside the house. wtf.

i don’t think my outfit photographed very interestingly, but it still felt way cool to walk around the airport in silver shackles. i’ve enlisted one of my brother’s to photog my outfits, so the pictures aren’t as perfect as i’d like. also, i feel more sheepish around a new photog. he’s impatient and whiny. sigh, beggars can’t be choosers.

we left for barcelona today (finally caught up on oufits!) and i think you can see how little i packed. hence, the strange simple stuff i’ve been turning out. it just doesn’t make sense to be super fancy when you’re flying. or maybe i just don’t know how else to do it.

dress [saks5thave] :: sweater, worn as scarf [james perse] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [fiorucci] :: cuffs [monki]

i really like belgium. i remember liking it the first time i was here and my feelings are still the same. it’s like france, but without the french ppl. so even better. they speak french AND dutch. *swoons*

i decided torturing myself by trying on expensive things was a good idea, probably in a tribute to belgian designer’s prowess. went to a place called stijl” near the grand palace. it industrial and beautiful. if i ever have a loft, i want it to look like the inside of this store: metal + wood trimmings. with white furniture and ceramics. oh and my mother’s ikebana creations everywhere. but that’s a totally irrelevant dream.

brands tried and true: ann demeulemeester (skirts), haider ackermann (jacket/dress thing), af vandevorst (gown), lutz (especially this brand. deargodwhy), kris van assche (SWEETASSbag)

THEN went to this place called “ogotai,” which had tons of these linen/silk/bamboo cloud nomad dresses. i seriously contemplated dropping 150 e’s for one. but it wasn’t perfect enough. research is really hard, but it was so worth it. i’m renewed with the feeling of creating and i couldn’t sleep. i thought up a line i want to do, or maybe even my label.

belgian waffles RULE. i’m eating one. it’s topped with strawberries and white chocolate icing. ugh, i should look happier!

shirt [secondhand] :: skirt [zara] :: jacket [uo] :: hat [f21] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelets [monki]

my first and only purchase so far and i love them SO GOD DAMN MUCH. trying not to overwear them but its so hard; they are exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to stumble upon. and they were only 8 E’s a piece. <3 <3 like a fool.

also, dutch and everything amsterdam are my new favorites. i’m basically doing a lot of design research and just submerging my eyes in as many sources of inspiration as i can. wandered into little stores all over the place, same favorites were “darling” (which is a cupcake AND boutique, dammit all my good ideas are gone), “noodle” and “cowboys2catwalk,” which also has a website. also, fuckin varsity jackets swarm this city. it got to the point where i was mildly annoyed. it’s like a boy you reject, but he keeps popping up in your life like he means something, but you know he’s just life clutter.

new brands to love: oneteaspoon (pretty dresses),  muumau (sick wicked leather jackets), just femme (white things)

as for my curiosity with monki, it ended with mixed reviews. the quality was decent as fast fashion goes, but i’m beginning to think they’re getting by on an enviable concept and a stylist team. i considered getting a dress, but the material was too shiny. also, this skirt. it had a skirt underneath and of course, a high slit. i probably should have, it’s about $37, but i kept thinking i could make it and the color was more teal and troublesome for some reason. i’m getting really picky, which is good, but these non-buyer’s regrets are pesky.

jacket, socks [uo] :: shirt [gap] :: pants [inc] :: hat [f21] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch]

this is the alley where our condo was in Nice. it was the kind where you hang your laundry to dry and you open the shutters while speaking french at 6 am. time is off when i travel and i find it easier to wake up before people rise. i hate it admit it, but everything’s gotten better since school’s ended. the underbellies of my eyes agree. too bad we left Nice that day.

i’m being unceremoniously displaced from one city to the next and it’s quite interesting. nothing becomes routinized, everything stays new, i stay in a constant state of wonderment. it’s very satisfying to wander and satisfy that lust, but it’s also tiring on my brain. i don’t have nearly enough time to process everything or even sit to sketch a little. i’m combining my thoughts that would go into a journal with my style posts. i think it makes sense that way. i’m building up for a full on text post about my blog’s direction and where i’d like it to go.

style notes! yes i am wearing socks with sandals. ah BUT! they are heels, so that fixes the problem i have with the usual visual atrocities committed. this outfit is definitely plane proof and transitioned ridiculously well into the amsterdam crowd. maybe too well.

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shirt [shesaidwhat] :: leggings [americanapparel] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [piorucci]

insisted on finding nice’s asian art museum and it was this lovely white swan on an artificial lake. i’m seeing white everywhere and it makes me so happy.

my personal style is a tyrant. my feet in serfdom suffered a lot today and i’m not even going to kid myself. but like a good girl, i do it anyways. i do it because it looks good. oh stupid stupid me.

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cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [bdg] :: skirt [zara] :: bag [piorucci]

disregard the area south of my ankles and my lackluster casualness and enjoy the background!

also, my hair is in love with this climate. it was super bouncy and delighted like i haven’t felt in awhile, instead of wilty and sad. its amazing how what you put on can never beat what you already possess. it made me put a premium on investing in quality skin and haircare.

that day marked the beginning of my hit-and-run method to expensive boutique window shopping. visited a store called “wip” for “work in progress.”

brands touched: acne, rick owens, christopher kane, erdem (which is what caught my eye), tons of maison martin margiela

tried on: MMM SS2011 open wedges in the brown wedge version. for those who would like to pretend like they’re gonna run out and buy a pair, they run a bit small (i tried on a 38) and its feels a bit like stepping into a cardboard box.

dress [saks5thave] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchcovitch] :: hat [f21] :: bracelet [unknown]

i left for France in this outfit; a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a fresh look for a fresh start. graduation was really hard on me; i had to say good bye so many times, i got sick of the words and i never want to say them again. sometimes i was hysterical and i was convulsing tears in a violent aftershock, but there really wasn’t much time to grieve because i had to pack like crazy cakes for this trip with my family the next day.

anyway, a plane ride outfit should be several things, though cute and comfortable are probably top criteria. i’m super anti-jeans+tshirt, so i’m still experimenting to find the perfect combination, but my trials have led me to a few results:

1) never EVER wear jeans. they chafe. they make you feel fat. they suck. dresses with a long skirt are excellent because they’re boundless with fabric, but a knit trouser is good too.

2) bring a sweater that doubles as a blanket. check.

3) shoes must be easy to walk in, but also make you feel adorable. i’m only slightly nervous about the blister factor in these, but fuck it. i’m wearing them in small amounts as a precaution.

anyway, the trip is well underway and i’m already behind on posts. what else is new.

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h&m loafers [columbinesmille, vanillascented]

omg i’m done. now someone buy me these shoes. i deserve them. i’ll pay for shipping too of course.