I'm gonna need more hangers.

time ss2011 [trendland]

blogging is what i do now when i procrastinate, though it didn’t use to be that way. i think i just proved to myself if you try hard enough, you can make something that’s was a bit of a burden into a habit monster.

2 essays left and i’m done forever. maybe.

chloe ss 2011 [elle] :: elle us mar2011 [asianmodelsblog]

another look i’m favoring for summer, but then again, i’ve always been a fan of wannabe dance wear. i’ve got a thing for making childlike things more adult appropriate, wtf that means. here, its the length; t-length is my answer to everything at the mo. also +collared shirt.

question: is it ok if i wear this with hot pants instead?

ginger&smart ss2011 details [zanita]

that yellow shirt dress is everything my summer’s lemonade wants. and the back of that jumpsuit makes you want it something bad.

ginger&smart [ss2011]

via harper’s bazaar AU

i’m starting to think rompers/jumpsuits are a good idea. :X don’t shank me, i have my reasons and standards. i tried on a rather masculine romper the other day when i was out with Phebe and girls and rather liked it; needed a few mods though, like the ability to be worn backwards, adjustable waist, etc. all of my clothes should have that kind of versatility.

harper’s bazaar hong kong [apr2011] :: ? :: paris LA [#6]

i’ve seen this comme des garcons dress not once, twice, but THREE times; i can take a hint. i don’t even mind that obnoxiously big belt, the hard leather transposed onto the soft shape of a 50s “kitchen life” dress is such a pretty winner. i’m finally warming up to leather. i’m not sure why i’d adverse to this material on clothing for myself. i think it’s because i’m usually drawn to jersey and knits, silk and soft things. also because leather is often used for practical, durable things like handbags and belts, neither of which i invest in, though i might have to. meh, i don’t really know what i’m talking about XD.

converse platform heels [stylefromtokyo]

been staring at these for dayssss trying to deconstruct them. my best guess is that they’re regular converses molded onto a stripper platform heel that’s been reshaped. or that’s how i would do it.

more here.

nozomi ishiguro [ss2011]

the collection isn’t too bad, everything looks like easter egg dyeing aftermath, but it’s all about the shoes for me. and those jackets.

ok ok, so i like it in a crazy way. just found out ishiguro-san started off at CDG, which leads me to think worry that Japan is far too fixated on creating another big 3 (yohji, rei, issey). everything from japan tends to look like its trying too hard to be original or crazy for shock value and that’s what makes me skeptical about their vision or if they have one. but what is that anyway? and who am i to judge? all i do is copy right now.