I'm gonna need more hangers.

vogue china [aug 2011]

i take back what i said about tao here. she is most definitely not a one trick pony kind of girl (she’s at least two). its supposed to be an homage to freja, but tao totally steals the show. now i wanna cut my hair, wear heavy make up daily, get a star tattoo, and other style things i really shouldn’t engage in. god she’s breathtaking, i can’t get over it! *stares*


ugh disregard that last post (i suddenly decided it was blegh, though i still do like those shoes).

anyways i’ve been infected with thoughts of tulle again and i need to get them out of my system.

fiona green [the coveteur] :: kate foley [refinery29]

I want a wardrobe that consists solely of dearly loved items that give me joy to wear. Objects that I always look forward to wearing – I’m quite sure such a wardrobe is utterly attainable.

-Dead Fleurettes

while i don’t follow her manifesto of stark and disciplined minimalism, i was completely taken with what she said here. its so simple but something i never considered to the fullest: its not just about having pretty things, many things, things things, but things that are precious to me. that should be sufficient and enduring. if i would just avoid acquiring unnecessary things, i could have more of the kinds of pieces i’ve always wanted. with this goal in mind, eliminating everything in between has become easier. it took a lot of tumblr viewing, a lot of closet photos to realize it makes me kind of nauseous to see those vast walk in closets, shoe racks piled high with barely worn louboutins. i don’t want that anymore. i’d love to have a humble collection of my favorites and my go-tos, as pictured above, and that’s what i’m going to continue to go for.

side note: owning less does pose an interesting paradox however, as posed by The Guardian: it doesn’t absolve you of your material attachment. you’re still fixated on “stuff.” meh, i’m ok with that. i just want stuff that i actually like.

for more closet inspiration, you can check out my tumblr (same name, hehe), stylelikeu, and the selby, among countless others.


more or less [nanna van blaaderen]

omgaaaaad i can not wait for weather that will justify excessively large knits. minus 10 degrees! 10! degrees! :D

i wish i could knit one of these for myself. must acquire loom. and flock of sheep.

dress [loaf] :: shoes [ferragamo]

i used to love this dress more than i do now. it’s too big around my chest and my boob coverage is in serious jeopardy, i think i was lying to myself when i bought it. if i alter it to fit, there would be too many seams and it would ruin the look i fell in love with. i’m afraid it’ll have to go. and closet curating continues. i wonder, though, if i’ll eventually go too far.

also, how long has it been since i’ve shown my face? or smiled? one of my mother’s friends told me not to hold myself to a timeline, which i have been doing. i want fashion school by the time i’m 25, i’ll need money and what not, but there really shouldn’t be a hurry, though, to live life. i have to constantly remind myself that i only get to do it once. i guess i’m just in a hurry to live it already.

alexander wang [ibra ake] :: zara [vanessa jackman] :: jean paul gaultier [harpersbazaar korea]

weekly white dress roundup. its the differences i adore.

tinkering with sally hansen nail polish strips and photoshop. the strips are a little tricky to apply but the yellow is an absolutely perfect neon and the glitter is too legit. try try try!

past, present, purgatory [wayne tippets, vanessa jackman, altamira]

My greatest belief about clothes is that style does not come to you unless you pay attention to it.

-Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style

i like defining things, especially my style, because it gives me a foundation to base future choices off of, however i often like too many styles and it changes even faster than fashion seasons. but i’m perfectly content with that.

so i have to constantly have these periods of reflection. amanda brooks book was surprisingly helpful in this department and while i don’t find her intellectually stimulating, her categorization of definable vs. indefinable styles was particularly helpful in my differentiation process. in terms of definables, i tend to deffer to classic/minimalist tendencies, often simultaneously. indefinables are less about specific structures, but rather underlying principles. i tend to be quite girlish with boyish/punkish backlash. overall, i’d say playfully put-together still defines me fairly well.

that said, this step in closet curating will forever be ongoing and i don’t feel entirely comfortable setting all of that in stone because i’d hate to limit myself, even in the broad scope of the indefinable category. i’d rather just be free to explore all of them. i realize that it’s contrary to what i said about enjoying the defining process, but that’s the way i operate: i’m an extremist and i oscillate constantly. i believe it is important to analyze yourself to get to the essence of how your style works and not just it’s components.

acne vest [carolinesmode]

if i had a fashion tumblr, this would be one of those “instant reblog” moments. for the record, this isn’t about the vest being acne made (they can go fuck themselves for being stupidly overpriced), but the color slam drunk with an assist from the moto-vest. which reminds me again how much i want one, no, many. i think despite my goals of going for the most sterile of looks, i end up liking this long waistcoat look.

i’ve been trying to get another post ready lately, but its taking forever to collect my thoughts on my closet curating. its hard to bounce ideas off yourself on something so pressing! luckily i have Gibson Girl, but its still tricky.

other things i’ve been doing: seeing friends, dealing with a hang over (tolerance = ground zero!), watching star trek voyager, altering a dress.


club kid [substitute]


stinger platform creeper [jeffrey campbell]

holy temptation batman!

also, i really like making these gifs. makes things look alive and whatnot.