I'm gonna need more hangers.
category: What I Wore


coat [paris streetmarket]

i have been waiting all summer to wear an photograph this jacket. it cost me 10 euros. now that i wear it all the time, i take it for granted. yes, i’m wearing it upside down.

looking back on this outfit, i thought the color clashing was awesome, but now i find it infuriating. it’s probably because i wore this outfit 4 days in a row. that sounds gross, but its not. honestly, at -3 C, i don’t think i can sweat anymore. also, it feels like its threatening to snow everyday (and it did, 5 times), so frankly, i don’t give a fuck as long as i’m warm. shocker, i’m changing! haha not really. well…sort of.

anyways, in other news, i learned how to moisturize my skin like a korean girl from Gachil Gongju, my korean teacher/best Korean friend. it is literally layers of stuff and god, my face has never felt this good. AUGH WHEN AM I GONNA GET OFF MY ASS (or rather, sit on?) AND DO A BEAUTY POST? sigh. someday.

coat [ewha street] :: collar [hongdae]

i realize now that my hesitation to buy clothes before sprung out of a sedentary life with sedentary needs. i was in seoul this weekend with the girls and the need to stand out when going out was there. i think that’s why i want these bright things again. i’ve always got somewhere to go. with minimalism, i just wanted to disappear glamorously. ok no really, but my wardrobe did. do i think too much through my clothes? i don’t even care that i do, i don’t know why i’m complaining. i just like to hear myself type i guess.

i also realized that it’s pointless to name most brands of korean purchases cuz they copy and paste things everywhere, so i’m citing where i purchased it instead. i hate fussy coats with lots of buttons and i actually hesitated when i saw it. do i hesitate too much?