I'm gonna need more hangers.
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천천히 [slowly]

ONLY ONE? OF YOUR HAND? yeah i’d be disappointed too, but what if i told you these korean nail stickers were like $2, lasted a week, AND glowed in the dark??? [note: use base coat and a little heat to prevent pealing]

yeah it wouldnt do it for me either. to be honest, there have been a few times where i’ve wanted to post but i couldn’t because i just didn’t have any pictures. i’ve just lost the desire to take pictures of myself. i’m far more into experiencing, living, really seeing what’s in front of me rather than looking back at the moment. not that i don’t love that, which is why i am lamenting a little. if i don’t photograph what i’m wearing, did i really wear it? i wish you could see how i’ve changed and what i’m like day-to-day. i wish i could see that too.

this is why i shouldn’t have nice things! i waste them away with neglect.

to be fair, i’ve recently come into some adult thoughts and adult concerns, nothing seriously bad, but serious nonetheless and i’ve been very busy being busy and i HATE it, but it’s necessary. the good news is that it’ll be over soon. very soon.

i can’t wait till aug 3rd. and now you know.