I'm gonna need more hangers.

step 1 in my wardrobe reform is a clear budget.

here, i employed the 60/40 principle: 60%  living expenses, 40% leisure/savings. big thanks to wikipedia for informing me; i prefer overarching guidelines that i can tailor over pre-detailed plans, which tend to be overwhelming and impersonal. i’ve tried to scale each item’s size based on its percentage within the categories (ie. fiscal significance).


L: Utilities, Transportation, Rent, Food, Dry Cleaning, Household, Phone || R: Shopping, Creative Projects, Savings

while i love numbers and lists, visuals are the most effective means of motivation for me.  mapping this out, i realize how easy it is for me to lose sight of what’s important (ex. eating great food). this collage will remind me of what really has prominence and where sacrifices can be made if funds need to be shuffled around, given no extra income.

…which i do get actually; i’ve been working a lot of weekends (not by choice, boo). any extra income will go towards the savings, or irregular expenses, piggy bank first, though i can see creative projects absorbing most of it, which is fine.

creating this visual budget is one thing, maintaining it requires an additional system of checks and balances, puns notwithstanding.

1) weekly receipts are the best way for me to keep track of expenses. every sunday, my boyfriend and i try to divvy out what we owe over groceries, so i can use that time to jointly check-in on my own spending. sometimes this gets delayed, but there’s a noticeable void in productivity if we don’t. this allows for me to piggy-back on an already establishing habit, instead of trying to carve out a new one.

2) setting aside leisure savings on every pay day will be a challenge, but it can be done. in this case, its a matter of setting up a reminder on my phone, which also syncs to my laptop. yay apple!

3) have cushion room in the necessities category. i gave myself some generous leeway so if i do scrimp on something, i’ll feel like i saved extra, but if i don’t, its already accounted for.

positive reinforcement is as necessary as a crackdown i say. budget rewards, which can come out of irregular expenses or extra from the end-week, for myself are often activity or food related–a $5 yoga class, a cheap spa day, a succulent slice of cake–as i try to curb my retail therapy ways.

Source: pinterest, instagram(@perzpective, who beautifully photographed our little loft. yes i live there hehe)

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i need to set myself up for success this time. i’ve done a lot of horse talkin before, where i simple ramble on about ideas, albeit concrete at the time, but not follow through because it wasn’t even self-related advice. it was just crap and more air-y psuedo-eloquence. #realtalk

here’s the plan.

1) budget. and seriously follow through with it. i have a ton of other things i wanna do with money, namely investing in creative projects, eating awesome food, and spoiling my friends and family with gifts. maybe even go on vacation with my boyfriend. you know, live.

2) identify old habits not to break them cold, but to curb them. work with them. habits are what you are. so i need to see what iterations  i need to change.

3) prioritize my necessities over my wants. what do i direly need for this season? what have i always denied myself for the sake of something lesser but more immediately gratifying? where can i strike a balance with work clothes vs. leisure wear? what can i not live without vs. what am i just experimenting with? above all, how financially justifiable is this?

in my old philosophy, personal style identification comes first, ie. knowing things you like and styles you’re going for and having a label for everything. honestly, i’ve found that method to be surprisingly restricting. when we label things, we’re looking for a reason to keep or discard; we end up narrowing our focus and become closed minded to the possibility of evolution.

my style is based on amusement. there are certain solid elements–textures, structure, a bit of fantasy or glamour–i don’t really know what to call it though, except what it is at the moment it comes together, because i love being open to experimentation.

at least i’m lucky enough to trust my own instincts. the 3 pillars though, they will serve handsomely as guard rails against falling off.

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i’ve been blog-averse for so long, but lately i’ve been wanting my little space on the web back. but how to bring this back into my life without it being vapid and dimensionless has been uncertain for me, so i’ve avoided it.

i think i’ve got it now. its so simple; when the noise becomes unbearable, focus on the base line. the blog is for my closet “fiending” –style things, wardrobe worries– all in the name of crafting a better one. documenting has helped me in the past, but then that became my focus, which wasn’t right and likely a product of my peers. its not easy trying to discern yourself from others when you visually consume as much as i do these days.

to bring myself back to basics, my basics, i remember a favorite, now-defunct blog of mine entitled Dead Fleurette. her almost draconian approach to simple, inconspicuous clothing was inspiring; it made her words matter all the more to fill in that visceral gap that distanced us, for though i was a reader, her style-kin i was not. however, her perspective still draws me back and her semi-annual wardrobe planning lists were stripped and genuine.

my approach to shopping had never been like that, making a list and following through. funny how saturated my mind is with fashion visuals, yet i never quite have a clear picture of what i’ll buy. the culprit is likely my deluded sense of…sense. i go by a gut feeling, which has been exacting yet capricious and worse, easily swayed by the fashion phantom that floats in and says:

you want this.

while it is right (i do want that), its cutting the queue of elegant ideas, namely those in my pinterest, that i mulled for so long to even pin, that i arranged so neatly into categories fit. then i look at what i actually have and its a mess of things i “wanted.” not that they were lies; its just that there were all shouting my name and i chose to go with the loudest.

and the only way i am going to be able to move forward from this pitfall of mine is going to be through self-discipline and goal-setting.