I'm gonna need more hangers.

elle uk [jan2011]

i haven’t really felt like blogging lately, to be honest. there were over 1000+ posts on my reader that i hadn’t caught up on and i pressed mark all as read. and it felt good. sometimes it’s good to not give a shit; you need your space or else you end up sweeping trash.

i miss dressing playfully classic. to me, classic demands structured jacket of some kind, and it’s just too hot for that. i could use a good short suit now.

today is also the last day of my style class. i’m not sure what i’m feeling right now, but i’ll know what it is later.


gibson girl

April 21st, 2011

Love!! Guess who is going crazy looking for short suit too! Think I just decided what to wear to mike and paula’s champagne reception

April 21st, 2011

Amen! Your allowed not to care sometimes. Everyone needs a break.

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