I'm gonna need more hangers.

varsity jacket [swagger 360, shouldbechic, alexis krauss]

i decided to pass this trend by. i bought that cute little pink one off of asos and returned it along with another sporty item. yes i have a fascination with old schoolery, but even with these punk, oversized, retro-fitted images in mind, i just don’t think its me. in the end, the item ignored and sad. so i’m gonna save up for that junya watanabe coat or tsumori chisato star dress i’ve been searching for. the problem with trends is that they make you stray from the things you’ve had in your heart. or at least your ideal wardrobe. i resent them now, those schematic harlots;  my tolerance is low for the short-term pieces in my closet’s past and i’m trying to purge them for my future self.

i think it’s a good idea to discard things once i graduate. my goal is to cut my wardrobe down in half and i couldn’t be more serious. in other words, i’m probably going to be giving away/selling my shit for cheap to ppl i love before i haul everything off to buffalo exchange or ebay.

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