I'm gonna need more hangers.
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the mnmlst

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today was a big day: Katharine’s (aka the mnmlst) style editorial photoshoot. we’ve been planning this literally for weeks and couldn’t have secured the setting and equipment without the help of Miel and Paul, the photog prof (who wins all kinds of adorable adult of the day awards). as for the shoot itself, i can be super nit picky, but Katharine was such a good sport and model, doing everything i asked without question XD. thank you sweetheart, for letting me indulge! and did i mention her wardrobe is killer covet-able? pretty sure i want almost everything she has, except in white.

i’m reminded again how natural this entire process is to me, even if i am not a master of whatever medium, how i can devote hours tirelessly and shamelessly ignore all other players in my pressurized schedule. it’s kind of awful but it feel so damn good.

you should see what the combination of our clothes and aesthetics has bred. stay tuned for the product of our intense labor of love!

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