I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [secondhand] :: skirt [zara] :: jacket [uo] :: hat [f21] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelets [monki]

my first and only purchase so far and i love them SO GOD DAMN MUCH. trying not to overwear them but its so hard; they are exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to stumble upon. and they were only 8 E’s a piece. <3 <3 like a fool.

also, dutch and everything amsterdam are my new favorites. i’m basically doing a lot of design research and just submerging my eyes in as many sources of inspiration as i can. wandered into little stores all over the place, same favorites were “darling” (which is a cupcake AND boutique, dammit all my good ideas are gone), “noodle” and “cowboys2catwalk,” which also has a website. also, fuckin varsity jackets swarm this city. it got to the point where i was mildly annoyed. it’s like a boy you reject, but he keeps popping up in your life like he means something, but you know he’s just life clutter.

new brands to love: oneteaspoon (pretty dresses),  muumau (sick wicked leather jackets), just femme (white things)

as for my curiosity with monki, it ended with mixed reviews. the quality was decent as fast fashion goes, but i’m beginning to think they’re getting by on an enviable concept and a stylist team. i considered getting a dress, but the material was too shiny. also, this skirt. it had a skirt underneath and of course, a high slit. i probably should have, it’s about $37, but i kept thinking i could make it and the color was more teal and troublesome for some reason. i’m getting really picky, which is good, but these non-buyer’s regrets are pesky.

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