I'm gonna need more hangers.

dress [saks5thave] :: sweater, worn as scarf [james perse] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [fiorucci] :: cuffs [monki]

i really like belgium. i remember liking it the first time i was here and my feelings are still the same. it’s like france, but without the french ppl. so even better. they speak french AND dutch. *swoons*

i decided torturing myself by trying on expensive things was a good idea, probably in a tribute to belgian designer’s prowess. went to a place called stijl” near the grand palace. it industrial and beautiful. if i ever have a loft, i want it to look like the inside of this store: metal + wood trimmings. with white furniture and ceramics. oh and my mother’s ikebana creations everywhere. but that’s a totally irrelevant dream.

brands tried and true: ann demeulemeester (skirts), haider ackermann (jacket/dress thing), af vandevorst (gown), lutz (especially this brand. deargodwhy), kris van assche (SWEETASSbag)

THEN went to this place called “ogotai,” which had tons of these linen/silk/bamboo cloud nomad dresses. i seriously contemplated dropping 150 e’s for one. but it wasn’t perfect enough. research is really hard, but it was so worth it. i’m renewed with the feeling of creating and i couldn’t sleep. i thought up a line i want to do, or maybe even my label.

belgian waffles RULE. i’m eating one. it’s topped with strawberries and white chocolate icing. ugh, i should look happier!

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