I'm gonna need more hangers.

dress [prototype DIY] :: shoes [jil sander] :: bag [pandorama]

today i went grocery shopping. yup.

i’m a sucker for office girl shoes, they make everything else seem so avant garde by visual comparison. but i’m not sure about these, got them off ebay for pennies and was stoked, but they weren’t the pill white i was imagining them to be. i felt deflated. the fit is a bit narrow too. i might have to resell them. or have them dyed white. or do it myself. bah.

a DIY post for the dress is coming up. i made it recently but didnt know how to photog it. sometimes versatility stalls you. i love having it, but it makes me so indecisive.



November 23rd, 2011

Did you end up posting the DIY for this white dress? I looked under the “DIY” category but didn’t see it. I think it’s super cute.

December 12th, 2011

i’m so sorry i have not. :( i’ll let you know when i do!

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