I'm gonna need more hangers.

jeans [colorfe]

1) i wear make up everyday to work. and take a break on weekends, save for evenings out of course. it started because my mentor teacher got me some and i was obligated, but i gotta admit, it’s really freakin fun to doll up. its a bit different than an american routine, mostly in terms of brands and something called “bb cream.” more later.

2) i’m obsessed with skincare. even moreso. i have this strict routine in addition to normal face washing which involves toner+lotion+eye cream. like make up, it’s a joy to hunt for the perfect brand/products. i’ve always wanted to have one of those “like-omg-i’ve-been-using-this-for-ages” types of deals and be a huge asshole about it.

3) i don’t wash my hair everyday which is actually a big deal for me, cuz i’m so used to clean hair. i wash it every other day or every 2 days and it’s been a lot more healthy. it’s also getting close to nipple length WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY. you don’t even know, it’s just been a long time. maybe perfect length by january?

4) i braid my hair. a lot, i’ve been trying different styles when my hair is dirty. this one is my current favorite.

5) i’m back on the pattern mixing train. the minimalist thing was super fun and its definitely still a part of me but korea is waaaaaay too homogenous for me and patterns is how i’m punch-protesting their drugged-dragged style in the face. yes these are new jeans. i dont really like denim but omg…what would you do if you saw drop crotch polka dotted goodness?


November 1st, 2011

if i saw them id buy them too.

and please do talk about bb cream i dont get it and i’ve wanted to for so long!

November 1st, 2011

deanne! this post made me smile – i love it when i see your blog updates. :)

1) i totally do this now too. and agreed – it’s so much fun experimenting with makeup. i’m still a bit hesitant parading around in black lipstick – so you’ll have to talk me into wearing that one.

4) love to see some hair posts. my hair has gotten to this much more manageable length and style so that i’ve gotten kind of lazy with styling it.

5) yes for going back to pattern-mixing! :) i think these are your roots – definitely what made me start reading your blog in the first place. those jeans are fabulous and i am certainly jealous of them. oh, and your huge bright scarf in the last post.

hope you’re having a lovely time in korea! and let’s catch up sometime. :)

Gibson Girl

November 2nd, 2011

Hey Deanne,

Glad to see some posts!
This is your friendly doctor liz reminder to incorporate sunscreen into that daily routine!
much love xx

November 16th, 2011

ahhhhh Anastasia, I’ll try soon promise!

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