I'm gonna need more hangers.

necklace [schwing schwing]

disregarding that stray strand of course, i freakin love my hair like this. if i have time, i’ll do a tutorial. it basically utilizes the same principles as my mohawking technique.

i’ve been wearing this collar for weeks without a word of it’s awesomeness. a gift from the mnmlst (because she just KNOWS me), although i’m again concerned about the quality: there’s a small knob in the back that does all the securing and if it breaks off, i’m totally fucked. and not in the way i want to be. i wonder if those ones from Nelly.com will ship to Korea…

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Jitka Mikulastik

December 27th, 2012

ahh, i have serious girl crush on you!
p.s. your style makes me re/built my closet. and yeah, this hair style is really good!

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