I'm gonna need more hangers.


shoes [jeffrey campbell] :: sweater [oh! jamae] :: skirt [borrowed, ASOS]

but i’m waiting waited anyway. these. are. so. alice-in-wonderful. i can’t get yellow/teal out of my mind. after what seemed like forever, i got these 8’s (i wear 7’s) and with two pairs of socks, they’re the perfect winter boots to cheer me up among the army of ant boots i keep seeing. not that i don’t want a pair of those either, but yellow shoes have become my thing. this is my 3rd pair.

a special thanks to Emilie @ plumforpolly.com. she is unbelievably sweet and helped me and my annoying inquiries every step of the way. i can’t thank her enough, honestly. also, her kids are a beautiful example of why i want half kids.


November 15th, 2011

Yet another evolution of your style! I see you venturing into bulky layering into a lot of your recent posts (is it cold in K-K-K-oreaaaaa?) and its awesome and creative but please bring back some of last year’s sexy sleekness so I can see more of your hot bod. kthx
:):) LOVE YOU DEANNE, and I love following your around the world!

November 15th, 2011

so many grammatical errors in that comment, i apologize <3

November 16th, 2011

AHHHHH I LOVE YOU MIEL!!! korea? it goes between crispy and frigid but i’m told it’ll get worse. D: and when i sleek out, no one takes my photo like you. :( it’s like it never happens, but it doesssss.

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