I'm gonna need more hangers.
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160, OR01 [maybelline, missha]

my dissatisfaction for everything around me has festered out of today’s boredom. my idle behavior is because i’ve spent too much money this month while my cousin Thumbaulina was visiting and i’ve grounded myself until next week when i leave for fukuoka again. it could’ve been helped, but i was one faux fur coat/wednesday addams dress too deep in adoration to stop myself. i ask myself a lot of question on my blog, but it often seems directionless in the end. why can’t i just say no? i keep thinking that what i want is one more buy away and i will finally be satisfied. i think i’m filling up my life with things because i’m not thinking about anything important again. i always spend money when i’m way too happy. perhaps some solitude will help me rethink my wardrobe business.

my birthday’s coming up soon. i don’t know what i want anymore. all i know is that i don’t want to be alone, but that might just happen. i should really leave the house tomorrow.

i tried the two tone lipstick thing. i quite like it. for a shiny base, just lip balm it up.

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