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i have wicked cases of insomnia lately. i don’t really know why. it happens rather frequently and i would like it to stop. the only good sleep i get is when i’m sleeping over Capucine’s, which is generally post-intensive partying. what’s it gonna take to be marginally healthy in this country? to be honest, it’s not just my sleep patterns that are disrupted: it’s eating, it’s exercise, everything. i think i manage to gain the freshman 15 every 4 years or something. i will say this though, despite the bodily complaints, i’ve never been this stable in my life. i’m so happy right now, i think i can deal with a few first world problems a bit longer.

sometimes i worry that my blog is too personal, revealing too much about what my real life is actually like; paranoid and hesitant about disclosing those kinds of things, thinking that if i wasn’t vague, if i was too real, i wouldn’t be enticing. i know i’m one of those unreliable bloggers, dabbling and posting inconsistently, but it doesn’t mean that i don’t have things i’d like to share. maybe it was always this way, but my blog is more of a style blog than a fashion one, sometimes simply a glorified visual diary. i just want to be able to tell you when i’m in love or what i’m doing with my life besides planning my next purchase. i think those things are extremely relevant, and if you know me personally, you can tell my mood by my clothes very easily. i’m a terrible aesthetic liar.

aaaaaaaaand now i’m tired.



March 6th, 2012

Hello fellow insomniac!
Love the outfit, it did make me smile (particularly liked the rainbow brolly touch-practical AND pretty, the two ‘Ps’!), I’m sure it also turned plenty of heads in Seoul! And I can solemnly relate to mood-dressing, as someone who lives in rags then suddenly decides to dress like a Swedish pirate/noblemen, or, er something…
I think there’s an important distinction between ‘style’ and ‘fashion.’
Personally, I find it far more interesting seeing other people’s unique sense of style or their own interpretations of current fashion trends, or better yet just people completely disregarding ‘fashion’and doing exactly as they please. There are enough magazines and blogs out there telling us how we ‘should’ dress rather than how we do or want to.
I genuinely like your voice and your style, but I can appreciate how tricky it must be to edit; what to include, exclude, saying too much or not quite enough, etc. I would try not to worry too much about that, as you can’t please everyone (why bother? What a chore!) so simply please yourself, those who like what you do will appreciate it greatly. So yes, please keep up what you’re doing and if you feel like including other things do, because if you find it’s relevant or interesting then it probably is. Phew, sorry about rant!

March 13th, 2012

Lai-lai (can i call you Lai-lai?) I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on style and fashion, also noting how many blogs are trying to tell you how/what to wear something as well. AND thank you for the encouragement, you are one of the very few readers who have actually reached out to me in support and engaged in dialogue. i wonder if i don’t seem welcoming to that sort of thing. XD.


March 19th, 2012

Hello again!
Yes, of course you can! Call me anything you like, lol. All I can say is keep up the good work and have as much fun as you can in lovely Korea, how long are you there for? X

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