I'm gonna need more hangers.
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i’m sick and in one of those moods where i MUST SAY SOMETHING. but i’m tired of the facebook status. it’s been reduced to terms of “like/dislike/dismiss” but rarely do i see ones that are thought provoking alone. maybe they don’t need to be. but i want them to. so. here we are.

i work 3 jobs right now and they all, in even the smallest ways, make me whole. i shopping and fashion write for a big expat magazine; i teach charming children at an academy close to home and hangouts; i edit, brace yourself, nuclear physics manuscripts. that last one makes me sound academically glamorous; it is not and neither am i.

i don’t know if that’s an excuse, but folks, there’s life beyond blogging. BELIEVE IT. i am clearly not what i blog because in it’s negligence, i have become so much more. but if anything, i’m lucky. incredibly so and oh i know it.

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