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i’ve been blog-averse for so long, but lately i’ve been wanting my little space on the web back. but how to bring this back into my life without it being vapid and dimensionless has been uncertain for me, so i’ve avoided it.

i think i’ve got it now. its so simple; when the noise becomes unbearable, focus on the base line. the blog is for my closet “fiending” –style things, wardrobe worries– all in the name of crafting a better one. documenting has helped me in the past, but then that became my focus, which wasn’t right and likely a product of my peers. its not easy trying to discern yourself from others when you visually consume as much as i do these days.

to bring myself back to basics, my basics, i remember a favorite, now-defunct blog of mine entitled Dead Fleurette. her almost draconian approach to simple, inconspicuous clothing was inspiring; it made her words matter all the more to fill in that visceral gap that distanced us, for though i was a reader, her style-kin i was not. however, her perspective still draws me back and her semi-annual wardrobe planning lists were stripped and genuine.

my approach to shopping had never been like that, making a list and following through. funny how saturated my mind is with fashion visuals, yet i never quite have a clear picture of what i’ll buy. the culprit is likely my deluded sense of…sense. i go by a gut feeling, which has been exacting yet capricious and worse, easily swayed by the fashion phantom that floats in and says:

you want this.

while it is right (i do want that), its cutting the queue of elegant ideas, namely those in my pinterest, that i mulled for so long to even pin, that i arranged so neatly into categories fit. then i look at what i actually have and its a mess of things i “wanted.” not that they were lies; its just that there were all shouting my name and i chose to go with the loudest.

and the only way i am going to be able to move forward from this pitfall of mine is going to be through self-discipline and goal-setting.



October 27th, 2014

So glad to see you blogging again! :) My blogroll has missed your updates!

I went through a style curation/wardrobe refinement period late last year/early this year as well. I’m admittedly still working on finding my style and things that fit my lifestyle, but definitely feel closer to it now that I have ever felt.

What really motivated me to cull and refine was that my closet was piled up in a bunch of things that I liked to look at and thought were pretty, but did not wear. My closet was filled with outlandish heels and frilly dresses that just weren’t practical and didn’t have a place in my life. Hence, I made a few harsh judgment calls and sold a good 85% of my closet.

What I kept were basics, or rather what the internet, minimalist fashion blogs dictated what basics were. I found myself wearing boyfriend jeans and breton shirts, and solid neutral colors a lot. While I’ve definitely grown to love these items, I’ve also found the basics that worked for other people to be very restricting to my style. So I added some flair back – in the form of printed tops/bottoms in neutral colors, lacy/embroidery things, whimsical yet understated graphic tees, etc. I find these new “personal basics” to fit both my lifestyle and fashion style a lot better.

I think I learned the hard way – through experimentation, through giving up almost new purchases – but now, I feel I shop with a sense of purpose – buying only things that are personal.

good luck with your process! hope you keep us updated on the blog. :)

October 29th, 2014

hehe thanks Phebs! i think i’m totally going through something similar: “The Great Purge,” soon to be coupled by “Wardrobe Gone Wild,” but in a totally updated and adult fashion of course.

yes to the basics statement! you touched on a good point that i’ve felt strongly about as well: everyone’s idea of “basics” is extremely varied and misrepresented in mass marketing.

i think we’ve always had similar experiences as our styles have evolved, so i’m so glad we connect on that level and that you understand this forever-intermediate level process. i definitely salute personal purchases above all else. in fact, i think bringing back “personal” in these so-called “lifestyle blogs” is the key to their survival, from either the blogger or the reader’s perspective.

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