I'm gonna need more hangers.
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i need to set myself up for success this time. i’ve done a lot of horse talkin before, where i simple ramble on about ideas, albeit concrete at the time, but not follow through because it wasn’t even self-related advice. it was just crap and more air-y psuedo-eloquence. #realtalk

here’s the plan.

1) budget. and seriously follow through with it. i have a ton of other things i wanna do with money, namely investing in creative projects, eating awesome food, and spoiling my friends and family with gifts. maybe even go on vacation with my boyfriend. you know, live.

2) identify old habits not to break them cold, but to curb them. work with them. habits are what you are. so i need to see what iterations  i need to change.

3) prioritize my necessities over my wants. what do i direly need for this season? what have i always denied myself for the sake of something lesser but more immediately gratifying? where can i strike a balance with work clothes vs. leisure wear? what can i not live without vs. what am i just experimenting with? above all, how financially justifiable is this?

in my old philosophy, personal style identification comes first, ie. knowing things you like and styles you’re going for and having a label for everything. honestly, i’ve found that method to be surprisingly restricting. when we label things, we’re looking for a reason to keep or discard; we end up narrowing our focus and become closed minded to the possibility of evolution.

my style is based on amusement. there are certain solid elements–textures, structure, a bit of fantasy or glamour–i don’t really know what to call it though, except what it is at the moment it comes together, because i love being open to experimentation.

at least i’m lucky enough to trust my own instincts. the 3 pillars though, they will serve handsomely as guard rails against falling off.

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