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Recently, I received a promotion for a Student Discover Card in the mail. I had been debating for awhile about whether or not to apply for a credit card (gotta start building up credit you know), but I always pushed it back, for reasons that aren’t coming to me at the moment. But when I got the ad, I seriously considered it, asked my Dad all the standard “what’s this and that” questions, and tore it open. I stumbled upon a page where I could select my own card design. There were only 6 available on the paper provided but I was sold. Just being given the option to be able to reflect little pieces of myself excited me. I searched the Discover website hoping for more choices and was delighted that they did have over 150 to choose from.

You might be wondering how this has anything to do with fashion. Well to answer your question (if the pictures haven’t been a big enough hint), let me ask you a question:

what’s in YOUR wallet?

wallet, Hello Kitty, gift from Rolie Polie

I’m just all about having as many colors as possible and expressing myself to the fullest little detail, especially if it’s what I’m shelling out for my pieces of flare. In this case, it’s my choice of plastics. I mean, green can’t be the only color in there, if you know what I mean.

I don’t know why, but I’m always really attracted to blue, especially a nice, saturated cobalt blue. It’s the most eye catching color to me, which is the appeal in these cards if nothing else. Unfortunately, my college ID and my bank card are blue. Curses! Maybe I should switch banks again…XD.

The decade designs were really nice altogether, but on their own, they just seem like they’re lacking either pop art/color or something is a bit off. Upon closer inspection though, the “70’s Disco Fever” is pretty good, I like the purple disco ball and the random words on the sides. Heck, “Disco” is in “Discover.” But it does say 1970 in the bottom corner, which makes me seem old. So no. I dunno; I feel like I should give these cards some time to grow on me, but I also feel like the “love at first sight” approach is best here. What to do.

The monogram ones were decent, the designs are simple and pretty and all remind me of bathroom wallpaper. But I think they may be too mature for me. Or boring. I guess I’m not that sophisticated yet.

These I found just overall charming. Though I’m not usually a dog person, I thought those two (3 if you count the one in the blue above) were pretty cute. I think it’s the backdrops. There’s just so much to like about these: Seurat, the single rose, the happy shamrocks, the majestic piano keys (although those are more suitable for K-drama or someone who actually plays), the lacey garden, the pop-y flowers, that clown fish! I can’t decide. What do you think?

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August 20th, 2008

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