I'm gonna need more hangers.
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It’s finals week and Kelsey has sent me a wonderful distraction. More hate on crocs, by Steve Tuttle. Steve (we’re on a first name basis due to a mutual dislike) quotes Maddox:

People who wear Crocs go on and on about how comfortable they are, and how it’s supposedly odor resistant because it’s made out of some kind of anti-bacterial foam … You know what else it’s resistant to? You getting laid.

And hilariously, there’s a lot of backlash on this article, condemning him as a baseless fool who writes like a teen rants. I Hate Crocs Dot Com gets a lot of hate as well, so it appears that the croc lovers push back just as much as the dissers.

A lot of people who write in to our site don’t believe in freedom of speech, just the freedom of being able to wear ugly shoes.

All I can do is laugh and agree. I really should have stated my grievance at dinner. Oh well, another year won’t change much. I will still be a croc hater, and proud.

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