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Glamour June 2008 Cover

Glamour June 2008 Cover

So abiding by Glamour June 2007 issue’s suggestion, I’ve been on a No-Pants-Policy for the past 2 months. Laugh all you want but I’ve never been more serious in my life. I’ve worn a skirt/dress every time I go out. I only wear shorts to sleep because I don’t have any cute nighties or things like that. Yeah even I have a hard time believing myself. But that’s another day. I have a point to mentioning this, I swear.

Anywhos, I’ve decided to check and see what cute but sometimes god awfully expensive things YesStyle has up lately. In case you don’t know, YesStyle is a site that sells Korean/Japanese/HK/Chinese brands internationally. I stumbled upon it last yearish and have only bought one thing from them since (ivory coat, will be seen later). It always seems to nag at me that I need to get a job so I can spend the $150 for free shipping. It would be all too easy: there is seriously no end to the prettiness, which pleases this cream puff immensely.

SO! To tie it all up, since I am on the NPP for the summer, I’ve been more obsessed with my legs and skirty things than ever. I like all kinds of dresses, though I’m usually partial to picking A-line or shift types, I don’t have all that many. I always end up with waist cinching ones, a safer choice I’m embarrassed to say. Whenever I choose dresses though, I always imagine whether I can see myself running around in it or not. As in, putting on some cute shoes and looking like I’ve got some other place to go other than where I’m going. Here are some things I’ve got my eye on (no particular order):

Ribbonne Dress

Balloon Dress $50 (Sale), Ribbonne

I wasn’t sure what to think about this dress at first, but then I decided I liked it. The draping gives it that relaxed, slouchy but put together feel that I’m fond of. I’d go with the green because I don’t have many green dresses (namely 1). It also comes in black and pink, but the black loses the effect and the pink would make me look like a giant wad of chewed bubble gum.

Lollipop Dress, Romy

Lollipop Dress, Romy

In any other color this dress is Forever 21 tacky, but like this, the lollipops and lace combo is really sweet and undeniably adorable.

Striped Dress, I Love Oshare

Striped Dress $28, I Love Oshare

I like how both serious business and serious casual business this dress is. Stripes are my favorite print, so the top part was what caught my attention first, accented by that scarlet and finished off with solid black foundation. Anyways, I can throw this on and walk out feeling pretty fresh and fierce. As an aside, YesStyle tends to have a lot of dresses that are mock tops and skirts, which depresses me because I’d hate to be limited to just one look all the time. But this works and I’d rather not have to put on 3 things to accomplish the same feat. I’m sure the shirt would be a hassle to keep down and I’d have to keep reaching under my skirt and we all know what that looks like.

Cloud Dress, Cocoavenue

Cloud Dress, Cocoavenue

I can’t tell you how much I like this look. Don’t you want to be that girl flouncing about in a cloudlike dress? I know I do. She just works it so well, I’m convinced. Plus it’s white, has cute little pointless pockets, and looks kind of see through; thus making it’s innocent puffy shape kinds sexy. Me likey.


Trapeze Dress $78, VackyStyle

I feel like this is a cop out version of the cloud dress above, don’t you agree? It’s got a more conservative feel overall: comes in a soft pink (white/black too), sleeves are less poofy, hem is more tame, there’s even a belt. But although this is more wearable, it seems to take the fun out of a wearing such a shape.

Boat neck Mod Dress $45, Ribbonne

Boat neck Mod Dress $45, Ribbonne

Boat necks are so great for showing off collarbones and the way this one can be more on or off shoulder is fantastic. The modish squares on the front are a nice bold touch. The length however, is debatable. I’m thinking shorter, more above the knee at least.

Bubble hem Dress $38, Silverapple

Bubble hem Dress $38, Silverapple

Normally I’m not crazy about bubble hems, but maybe I’m being more open minded since she’s wearing her hair exactly the way I have it right now. The winged sleeves are adjustable too (on or off shoulder); so I can decide how seductively sweet I’d like to be. This goes into the “perfect for dates” category.

Queens Dress $170, Nabi

Queen's Dress $170, Nabi

So after I gawked at the beauty that is this dress, I couldn’t really look at any others because it put them to shame. This hanbok inspired confection of lovely made me whimper a bit when the $170 practically said “you can look but you can’t touch.” Granted, the claim of it being embroidered by hand (and why is it a Japanese scene?) is questionable and it’s a bit costumey, but it’s just so pretty I don’t care. I’m also a sucker for chiffon done right and this is pretty dang good.

Well I just checked the links and in the time it took me to get this post together, some of the dresses aren’t on sale anymore. Also, a handful of these are definitely not worth the price. But though I’m slightly annoyed, at least you have a taste of some super cute dresses from YesStyle. And might consider something worth pitching in for for the free shipping.



July 30th, 2008

tres bien post mah dear!

August 28th, 2008

I think this is the excellent collection of dresses. I like it

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