I'm gonna need more hangers.
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I’m a bad bad girl. I skipped Organic Chem to go to Forever 21 to buy a pair of pants I should’ve bought last Friday, and ONLY those pants, but ended up coming back with a few other things. Notice anything interesting?

Forever 21 return loot

Forever 21 return loot, a lot of black huh?

Yup! It’s those zippered shoes from way back when! They went down from $27.80 to $13.99! I couldn’t pass that up. I did try on the red ones again, but found them to be too trashy and difficult to match. Not saying zippered shoes are classy to begin with, but I’ll take a bite out of practicality this time. I did like them (the red ones) though, but it goes against my sanctioned rule of not buying doubles of something.

The said pants are high waisted and very lovely, though I can’t help wondering if I should’ve opted for a Small instead of XS. Scratch that, I’m wearing them and they’re fine XD. Only $10.99! They’re a bit strechy so I can either wear them super high or hip-ish. Also, Love the tiny pin tucks at the top. Plus, it came with a chain belt, which I will of course be wearing as a necklace since you know how I feel about chains.

Speaking of chains, is it surprising that I caved in and bought the bracelet? It look a bit of will power to not buy more chains. I saw some Givenchy inspired crosses and I nearly died.

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