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Scarf, French Connection

This scarf is fantastic, just fantastic. It was the last one for $20 and it was so worth it. K-Drama said it looks like a deep sea squid unraveled.

The harlequin effect I’m getting from this close up shot delights me greatly. Too bad my outfit did not flatter it enough. Sigh, way to go Deanne. Well this last weekend was Lunar New Year, and it totally drained me. I spent all my energy on my baby! Looking back though, I feel like I could’ve done more with the outfits. Thank you so much to everyone who went/participated. I can feel my fashion dreams slowly coming together because of you guys. I’ll do my best to make my next show even BETTER.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping. Two recent eBay buys, yet to be worn:

Lace tights, Leg Avenue; Fucshia cropped pants, Ann Taylor

Lace tights, Leg Avenue; Fucshia cropped pants, Ann Taylor

The pants were a little too short for my liking, but I’ll try them out without any adjustments. They’re rather baggy too, so the fit concerns me as well. But the COLOR, oh the color is exquisitely purple pink; the photo doesn’t even come close to its beauty.

Plaid zip dress, Wet Seal

Plaid zip dress, Wet Seal

I can’t recall if it was the plaid or the zipper down the middle that grabbed me, but I sure am a sucker for it. Who knew Wet Seal made cute clothes again? I remember abandoning it because everything was starting to get really cheap and poorly made. Well it’s still along those lines, but I managed to fall in love with some of their stuff again.

It gets me thinking: what makes something trashy vs. ‘chic’? Is it the designers? It’s remarkable how somethings like this plaid dress will scream “I’m super cute and fabulous” while other plaid items will hoot and holler obscenities. I don’t know, but I’ll be sitting on this idea for a few days.

BTW, I’ve decided I must stop buying trendy things. I think I do realize the definition now: trendy is stuff you are made to think you want RIGHT NOW, no matter how much you try to rationalize it. I have to think about the future, because right now, I don’t know where I’ll be working, what I’ll be doing, what kind of wardrobe I’ll need and all that. I need to stop buying things willy nilly, no matter what their quiky charms do to me.

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March 4th, 2009

Like the new haircut deanne,
My thoughts on the trendiness issue. Firstly, form someone who rarely sets foot into “trendy” stores such as Wet Seal, Forever 21 etc I am worried about by style being too pinned down already for my age. We are young we need to have fun and wear the ridiculous stuff while we can. Secondly, as a Romantic like yourself should know, clothes are art, not “rational” and only sometimes “practical”. Thirdly, we are really too young to be worrying about crafting out “work wardrobes” yet.

Also I would like to point out how much I am enjoying the “Gibson Girl” overtones of the spring Marc Jacobs collection ;)

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