I'm gonna need more hangers.
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My mother retired recently. She made more money than my Dad and the comforts that I’ve been used to are now gone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; my mom has been working hard all of her life and battling Parkinson’s, so she deserves this more than anyone I know. But, her retirement plan was cut by like 60%, interest rates suck so much right now, so you can imagine what that means.

It means I need to cut down my spendings. I haven’t been very smart lately and just buying things on a whim. I didn’t use to be like this; I used to just rework things, make things. I made my jewelry out of toys and old belts and bought lots of socks to play up my shoes. I lived for second hand. I think that’s what made me creative; my monetary constraints. So that’s what I’m going to do, go back to DIYing and making more of my own clothes. It’ll be better for my family if I do and better for me. I need to start paying myself again.

So with that, I’m going to make a rather difficult promise. I’m going to stop buying new clothes for awhile. I guess you could say I’m giving up shopping for lent (I’m technically Catholic, it’s a good excuse), but I’m hoping I can go longer than that. No more trips to F21 for awhile, no more eBay, nothing. Going cold turkey. God help me.

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