I'm gonna need more hangers.
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Melissa + Zaha Hadid Melflex Rubber Shoes

Melissa + Zaha Hadid Melflex Rubber Shoes, $350

Um. I want these so badly it almost hurts. I saw them first in the March issue of Teen Vogue and though Jen-Jen is not impressed, I am smitten silly. It’s seriously jeopardizing my promise to not buy things until after Easter. Meep! I’m such a weak Jedi, I swear.

Btw, I covered a fashion show last Thurs!! Yanorite? Omg so exciting. Now I’m just waiting on the clearance/ok-go for posting the pictures from the Simon Mall’s Fashion Now fashion show at the Galleria. Then I can finally gush about it without worrying about print space! Sorry sorry, very rushed right now. Got the article to hash out, a screenplay to pull from my ass, AH!

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