I'm gonna need more hangers.

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Monday was a good day. A good day for THRIFTING. So I took my mother to her ballet class downtown and stopped by Buffalo Exchange (dubbed B|X) to pass the time. Little did I know I would be walking away with these puppies:

Do you know how LONG I’ve been wanting sneakers dipped in space silver? In short, long enough. They were $32 and NEVER BEFORE WORN so that kinda helped.

B|X is notoriously sort of overpriced for resale stuff. But I ended up finding some pretty worthy things this time. I came away with 5 articles total, the B&W Calvin Klein shirt you saw yesterday, plus the following. Enjoy my little lookbook spread!

Tank, American Eagle // Dress, Viola // Vest [worn also as dress], Lucca // Skirt [also worn as scarf], no label // Skirt [also worn as poncho top], no label // Shoes, Puma // Bag, Lavorazione

I’m usually drawn to more structured bags, like my small Ferragamo collection, but when my mother started playing with this, I felt drawn to it too. Plus, it’s really soft.

Welcome to the family little one!

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June 22nd, 2009

Your hair looks gooood!

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