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I’ve been enjoying not going to my nonjob too much for the past day and a half. So today I went out to the mall and tried to get back to dressing myself. I even put on some make up, a bit of green shadow and some sparklely blue mascara, both on only the bottom lash. I apologize for the poor lighting, I just ran into Macy’s dressing rooms for this. I also ran into Lindzello and we talked for a bit but she was working so I had to stop bothering her. :(

Cropped Cardigan, Banana Republic; Skirt (worn as dress), BCBG Max Azria; Underskirt, Wish; Shoes, BCBGirls

Panda Bag, Pandarama by Morn Creations

Panda Bag, Pandarama by Morn Creations

This room, of course, does not do the outfit justice. It looks better in real life and in motion; it flutters about when I walk.

The panda bag was a gift from Joey-Baby and Sweety, which I didn’t intend to match my shoes. It just turned out that way. I usually like mix matched earrings;

Bracelet, worn as earring

Bracelet, worn as earring

today was a small heart crystal stud and a dangling one that is actually a converted charm bracelet.

I bought this charm bracelet and the individual charms ages ago, thinking I would collect them over time. That never happened and this sat on my shelf for years. I’m glad I found a way to rework it and am pretty pleased with the results. The clear jewel bead has a cat sitting on top of it. The Chinese characters are Love, left, and Fortune, right. However, now that I’ve taken Chinese, it does bother me that the charms are in simplified characters instead of traditional, esp. Love. The traditional Love character had the “heart” radical in it and the simplified doesn’t. As Stephen-san says, it’s like taking the heart out of love, which is totally communist.


August 18th, 2008

GREAT post. I think posts like this should be the core of your blog: your daily setup and the background.

August 25th, 2008

HAI TRUNG-NGUYEN!! I’m trying to figure out what the letters inside the convoluted heart-shaped object say and I’m getting “Iomeone Pech” :(

Okay, now that I’m staring at it, I’m realizing that the tail is actually an “s” and it reads “Someone Special.”


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