I'm gonna need more hangers.
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Dress: A|X || Shoes: Calvin Klein || Belt: F21 || Bag: thrifted

Tonight I went on a double date with Teeners and her boyfriend Edo (not real names of course but my twisted, cutesy aliases for them)! You know when you see a couple that is being so cute, you have to look away because you feel like you’re spying on a private moment but you want to keep looking because it’s so adorably mezmerising? That’s Teeners and Edo.

WHY WHY WHY is so absurdly hot? I had plans to wear pants but opened the door and God breathed on my face and I was like “Ok ok I’ll go back and change, jeez!” I’m running out of dresses/skirt combos and layering is not an option. How do you deal with hot weather dressing?

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