I'm gonna need more hangers.

Lately I’ve been an internet troll and combing around looking at online/free magazines. Here are three that have piqued my interest.

1. I <3 Fake is a fairly decent zine, thought it tends to be excruciatingly pretentious, as most youth-based zines tend to be. The artsy fartsy photography is pretty great at some points, but in excess, it just looks like a lot of teen smut. Nipples does not make masterpieces. I do love the energy though and any kind of injection I can get, I’ll take. Each issue has a neat theme that they follow to the T and I’m a sucker for themes. Parties…editorials…the whole 9 yards.

2. Prim,  I love Prim. Kristin, editor-of-wonder, totally pushed her zine to evolution from tadpole DIY to public contender. I can’t wait to see what she makes of it in the future. She’s inspired me to get my butt moving on my own projects. There are fashion spreads GALORE in here, though still very haphazard, as if the young crew was so excited and full of ideas, that they just fabricated them all without filtering first. Keep up the great work Prim, don’t ever be proper.

3. Clear’s fashion spreads are the most pro out of these, but only in styling (the others start to look like the same disaffected, half-naked waifs). Picture wise, they prefer a crisp, clear take, much like those of their contemporaries. Prim and I <3 Fake go back and forth between that style and the softer, fairy tale-esque blur, so looking at Clear is a nice break from the other two. Also, their covers always have an evolution of the final, from model shoot, to intermediate anaphase, to what you see here. It’s pretty clever. The other articles I’m not too keen on, they stick to the same collage work, which seems amateurish, despite the “clearly” adult text.

These are all bimonthly, digitized zines that are totally in the ZONE. I want to be apart of that. I can’t wait till July 7th, when I finally get to talk to the Dean about issuing my zine on campus. For now, I’m just writing down every idea that pops into my head.

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