I'm gonna need more hangers.

dress: H&M || shoes: Nike || bracelets: various places

Yes, this summer is really all about sneakers. K-drama’s hooked, it’s rubbing off on me, I’m acting on a once dormant fascination and it is probably going to be VERY BAD for my checking account. Anyways, I wore these yesterday and I can’t get these puppies off my feet.

Tried piling on bracelets again, only 3 tiers this time. Back in the day, it was at least 5 layers of bracelets. I was aiming for close to the elbows. It works better in the winter, but I forgot how powerful it felt to have gauntlets on.

I was a bit inspired to wear this dress with the sneaks by JCDC:

photos from tfs

Or maybe just Tao Okamoto. Yeah probably XD. Regardless, it was one of the only graphic/print-y dresses I own. Also, trying to find socks I own without holes in the heels is a no-go. Boo -_- What else looks good with trainers besides pants? Invesitigation continues…

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